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WYDU Spotlight – SciFi Stu

by Travis on October 19, 2010

The name SciFi Stu showed up on the collective Bloggerhouse radars after producing many classic tracks for Bloggerhouse approved Tha Connection. From there, he popped up on the Ill Poetix EP, a group out of Washington D.C. and produced some of my favorite tracks on it. Stu has been hard at work with an upcoming EP and two new albums set to release before the end of the year. We’ve already been fortunate enough to hear Around My Way, which is full of Stu’s top quality work, everything from the Top 100 song of 2008 in “Dum Dum Dum” to Vaste Aire assisted “The Will”. All of Stu’s classic tracks are here (except for Ill Poetix “The Touch”, where is that ?!?!), so for those of you new to Stu, this is where to start. Nothing but classic, soulful bangers. Also be sure to be on the look out for his upcoming albums being released, including From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul, which will be dropping the first Tuesday in November.

We got a chance to sit down and talk to the mad Scott, and of course here is what he had to say…..

Pick up the new album here:

SciFi Stu – Miss Stress (Free Download)

Bloggerhouse: What’s good man, can you drop some knowledge on who you are and where you are from for those out there that might not be in the know?

SciFi Stu: I am SciFi Stu a hip hop fan & producer from Edinburgh, Scotland. I am currently releasing music through Domination Recordings & DigiCrates Records.

BH: How did you get into making beats? What made you want to create music?

SS: Basically, I got into beat making as a fan. I have been listening to Hip Hop since the early 90s. Being inspired by stuff like Public Enemy’s ‘She Watch Channel Zero’ back in the day brought an interest in production and how the sounds came together.

Fast forward 15 years and I bought some equipment and started to learn how to put beats together for myself. After a few years in the wilderness production wise, I now feel like things are coming together. I always liked the concepts for my beats, but the production skills were lacking. Nowadays, I am really focused on my projects and have more patience to get the beats sounding good, I also have some incredible MC’s to work with.

What made me want to create music? I am mainly in music for the chicks…hahaha.

BB: For you, is there a difference between being a producer and a “beat maker”? What makes someone a good producer/beat maker?

SS: I suppose to be a beat maker you need to have a creative spark, to be a producer you need a good ear and skills on the boards. Traditional terms no longer ring true against the backdrop of technology we have now. I tend to call myself a producer, because I can be involved in different aspects of the process. Honestly, if someone makes hot music they can call themselves anything they like.

BB: What are your weapons of choice when making beats?

SS: My MPC, Ableton Live & Beers.

BB: The debate always rages between the software cats and the hardware cats, how do you stand on the debate?

SS: Honestly, I have heard crazy music from hardware & software. In the right hands either can sound amazing. I know the market is flooded with computer beats, but stepping out of that mass produced chaos you have some talented producers. Like it or not the next generation of beat makers who still have love for real Hip Hop will largely be using computers. With a never ending tide of commercial garbage washing away the classic elements of the Hip Hop sound I am not sure arguing about who should use what really helps anyone…ha.

BB: Let’s talk about some of your history, the first time I heard one of your beats was with Tha Connection. How did you hook up with Hus & Smoovth? Who else have you worked with?

SS: I met Smoovth around 2007 via Myspace (RIP), I posted some beats and he heard and liked them. We went straight to work on a project called Rapid Det, we did 15 songs. Some of those songs have appeared on Tha Connection albums over the last couple of years.

I am really glad to have had the opportunity to work with some of my main influences on my new album, I have Vast Aire, John Robinson, Tha Connection, Ill Poetix, Shinobi Stalin, Nebz Supreme…really great lyricists. I have a few more surprise guests too…But you’ll have to wait to find out who. ha.

BB: You also have some great music on the Ill Poetix EP from last year, can we expect more from you and them?

SS: Ill P are on my new album out later this year, they are incredible. Ill P really know how to write a song! Go now and take a listen to the free EP I released last year via my web label The Advantage Music Group. Production on that EP is shared between me and a guy called —— (really, that’s his name) who is an amazing producer.

BB: You have a dope track with John Robinson & Remarkable Mayor, is that going to be the first single from your upcoming EP?

SS: ‘No Swag Needed’ is actually from my new album From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul on Domination Recordings due out November 2nd 2010.

BB: You just released an album Around My Way via Digi Crates Records. Can you tell us a bit about it? What are you hoping to accomplish with the project? Who are you working with on this one?

SS: Around My Way is a recap for peeps new to my music. It features some of my favourite and notable beats from the past 3 years. It represents a journey from my beginnings in beat making (“Passin Thru” was one of the first beats I ever made) up to more recent stuff like “The Will”. From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul is all new production and continues the story.

Around My Way features Ill Poetix, Tha Connection, Vast Aire, 7even:Thirty & more.

BB: If you could work with anyone in music, past and present, who would some of the names be?

SS: DOOM, Mayer Hawthorne, Public Enemy, Bjork, Ghostface Killah, Yes, CeeLo Green, John McEntire, Tortoise, SquarePusher, Bill Evans…too many to mention…

BB: What does SciFi Stu have coming up in the future?

SS: Two new albums and an EP before the end of 2010. Around My Way is out now & From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul is out on November 5th. I have started work another new album for release early next year! I hope to do a mini US tour next year, just a few dates around the summer.

BB: Any last words for the future fans?

SS: I hope peeps can find something they like in the SciFi Stu sound…I try to remain faithful to the sound I discovered all those years ago (no 808 kicks or Autotune here) and I hope folks will be able to hear that in my music.


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