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Cloud City Classic – Brand New Kicks

by Travis on October 20, 2010

Cloud City Classic’s debut album, Brand New Kicks, is a throwback to mid 90’s hip hop with nicotine beats and Palm Bay flows.  The album features production from Details and guest appearances from K-Rec, Vintage and Jay of Self Taught. The first single, Brand New Kicks, features K-Rec, a producer/turntablist, who re-mixed “It’s Tricky” by Run-Dmc, which soon became the title track for the Electronic Arts video game SSX Tricky.

The Vancouver based group is comprised of two grizzly mountain dwellers known by the names of Inkspill & Sadler.  The pair has been working together since 2005 but ultimately decided on a partnership while stuffing their faces with local favorites Foundation nachos and Numero Uno pizza. Several hundred beers, a couple years, and a few girlfriends later the group polished off 10 ‘classic’ tracks that deliver a nostalgic listening experience.

The video for the title track, Brand New Kicks, is a tribute to sneaker culture and the individuals which inspire this global phenomenon.  From the Dj Premier inspired sample, to the Jordan flash imagery, to the K-Rec cuts; Brand New Kicks is a reflective look back at culture, influence and society.

Video and album after the jump…..

Album (Free):

1. Brand New Kicks ft. K-Rec 03:00
2. Yes ft. Vintage 02:57
3. Heaven 02:05
4. Kevin Carter 02:25
5. Limited Edition 02:57
6. Balance 01:39
7. Honey Bees 02:20
8. Stereo 03:28
9. E.S.I.O 01:28
10. Cheque to Cheque ft. Jay 03:18

Trav’s Take: New music from a group that I wasn’t familiar with before. Yes, folks, it’s okay to listen to stuff you’ve never heard of before…It’s called discovering stuff for yourself. Off the soap box, this isn’t anything that is going to blow heads away, but it’s quality hip hop, just another chalk mark on the board that hip hop isn’t dead, you just got to find it for yourself. I do have to say, “Yes,” is my jam. The piano sample is illy, I can see this being played a lot in the coming months.

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OldBitterG November 17, 2010 at 6:23 pm

No disrespect to these guys at all, but Jeff Spec’s “On My Feet”is a way better Sneak Song comin out of VanCity

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