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Ignite and Imagery – Shoot The Deputy

by Travis on October 20, 2010

New hip hop album from North Carolina’s Ignite and Imagery. This album is made up of lush soulful beats with soulful singing from Imagery, beautiful but sinister hard beats, jazzy beats, funked out beats and others that sound totally original and push the envelope. This is Ignite and Imagery newest single called “Shoot The Deputy” feat. Rudolph Lyrics. It is what you think but also is not, Segundo produced it and flipped that famous sample in such an incredible and creative way.

Ignite and Imagery grew up skating and freestyling together in Winston-Salem (yeah like the cigarettes). We started making real songs together at 18 at some dude’s apartment who made shitty beats. Then Little Brother came out and I figured out I didn’t need to spend a fortune on gear, I could just download Fruity Loops to make beats (I currently use Reason and a midi keyboard).We were (and are still) heavily influenced by the Rawkus Era records, as well as Gang Starr, Outkast, Wu Tang, Busta Rhymes, The Roots, Curtis Mayfield, Sublime, Bob Marley and a gang of others. The goal has always been to make music that we and the people we grew up with would love.

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Shoot The Deputy by IgniteMindz

Gimmick Free is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and most major online retailers.

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