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Bandcamp’s Best 10/22 – The Trav Edition

by OSnapple on October 22, 2010

Bandcamp's Best of the week

It’s no secret that Detroit is killin’ it right about now. I’ve gone as far as to say that Detroit is the home to the best hip hop at the current moment. You have cats like Black Milk, Royce Da 5’9, Slum Village, Buff 1, 14KT, Apollo Brown, and a host of other cats that are repersentin’ D-Town to the fullest. Apparently though, there is more below the surface, bubbling and ready to blow. That’s what this collection of some of the finest D-town underground has to offer is all about. Some artists should be familiar to Bloggerhouse/WYDU readers, Nametag, Buff 1, Crown Nation, Danny Brown, Tree City, and Clavius Crates are all artists that have appeared on the site in the past. In a collection like this, obviously some songs work better than others, but this is a prime example of why Detroit is set to rule shit for the next decade.

Check it out HERE

The name Boombox Saints has been floating around for awhile now, and for good reason. Not to be confused with some nerdcore group out of Boston, this group is out of Rhode Island and closely related to the Toy Box Scholars that Eric and I have put our stamp approval on in the future. There is some straight up boom-bap, hardcore hip hop to be found on this project. Tracks like “As I Sit” throw some ill drums and a great use of a vocal sample to bring the dopeness of that raw hip hop. Coming in a little long at 25 tracks, it still has plenty of fire power to not lose interest in it by the end. Just good hip hop.

Check it out HERE

I wasn’t aware that I was going to be in charge of the Bandcamp picks this week, so I’ve already posted this album earlier this week, because well, I liked it. Cloud City Classic’s Brand New Kicks keeps that 90′s classic sound, so it’s not going to be anything you haven’t heard before, BUT, they do it well, and that works for me. The group’s “Yes” is a track that I’ve been bumping all week, and other joints like “Kevin Carter” are on some smooth shit, straight butta baby. Excellent effort from these Vancouver emcees.

Check it out HERE

That’s all for this week, big ups to everyone that submitted some goodies, and to the O-Dawg for allowing me to step in this week. Keep those links coming and if you hear something that you think we might need to hear, drop us a line… – Trav

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