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Bloggerhouse Presents: Sinitus Tempo & Obii Say – BiiBop EP

by Travis on October 22, 2010

I have just released my cowboy bebop tribute ep with an artist named Obii Say entitled “Cowboy Biibop Soundtrack EP”. We put alot of work into this. We actually finished this within 24 hours and this was done before my solo Samurai Champloo tribute. I will be doing a bunch of fan made tributes to my favorite anime soon, I believe the next will be Claymore, which will be for free download. – Sinitus Tempo

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Trav’s Take: You know if we put the Bloggerhouse name behind it, it’s good. These two cats are responsible for my favorite “Out of nowhere” album, Vinyl Proxy, and Sinitus Tempo might just be one of the best up and coming young producers coming out. The chemistry these two cats have in their music in undeniable. I’ll admit, I’m not an anime fan, so I don’t understand the concept of it, but the music sounds dope, definitely worth picking up.

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