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Mr.Chief-Ironic 08 (prod. by Apollo Brown)

by Eric on October 27, 2010

Per Mr. Chief:

Here’s a song and some artwork that people have been asking me about for about a year since I put it up on myspace late 2008 (hence the title)… Apollo re-worked the beat a little from the original as well
as I re-recorded and mixed it with Magnetic at the DISC.. I want to
leak the song because people have been asking me about it but it
definitely sheds more of a reflection of music I was making in 08
apposed to the new body of work (currently untitled) that is only a
month or so away from being completed…

You may also see that it says “Mr.Chief” well let the jokes ensue, but
yes I have added the Mr. to my moniker for the simple fact of refining
search engines to where if you look for the work you may now find me
instead of Native Americans and police officers.

Hit the jump for audio…


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