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Muneshine – Status Symbol (Remix LP)

by Eric on October 27, 2010

*Status Symbol*, *Muneshine’s* anticipated follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut LP *Opportunity Knocks**,* showed no signs of the evil sophomore jinx.*Muneshine’s* witty and observant lyricism combined with world class production by M-Phazes, !llmind, Oddisee (and more) proved that *Muneshine* had the skills to eclipse his rookie outing; not an easy feat when your debut boasts production by DJ Spinna and the legendary Pete Rock.

A controversial Playgirl centerfold exposed the MC to an entirely new demographic most rappers rarely reach. The well-endowed wordsmith and his groundbreaking pose with a komodo dragon launched his flexibility into the dreams of housewives around the world and *Status Symbol* to #7 on the Billboard Charts (Gospel). Alongside a 10/10 rating, Black Hair Magazine compared listening to the album to “having a nasty-ass orgasm with Nia Long,” and, “The bible. If the bible was a compact disc.”

Three weeks after *Status Symbol’s* release, *Muneshine* made headlines by refusing to accept the Grammy for Spoken Word Album of the Year because the award presentation wasn’t televised. Shocked by the backlash of the music community and the death of his komodo dragon, *Muneshine* halted all future
promotion of *Status Symbol* and relocated to Tahiti. On his move to Tahiti, *Muneshine* told Ikea Catalogue, “I love Tahiti Treat. I get thirsty a lot. It makes sense.”

Almost a decade later, in 2010, Canadian super-producer *Bix* (Ghettosocks, Alpha Flight, Team Wolf) discovered the original accappella sessions from *Status Symbol* while going through Interscope founder Jimmy Iovine’s collection of vintage Dat Tapes. Risking probation violation, *Bix* slipped the cassettes
into his hip-satchel and headed straight to D&D Studios to put his own twist on Muneshine’s masterpiece. Seven Tahiti Treats and 48 hours later, Bix’s remixed version of *Status Symbol* was complete.

Tahiti’s lack of electricity forced *Muneshine* to return home to Toronto to hear the reworking of his classic LP. Creative differences over the album’s title stalled its release. While *Bix* wanted to name the LP *‘Muneshine:Status Symbol:reBIXed’*, *Muneshine* wanted to name it ‘anything but that!’ The
three month battle ended when both artists discovered that a journalist from Auto Trader leaked the album onto Napster. Anger disappeared when the album reached 7 million downloads in its first 24 hours online. The demand was evident.


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