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New Book: Ice-T Shot Me in the Face & Eleven Other Stories About Rap Music

by Travis on November 2, 2010

Ice-T Shot Me in the Face & Eleven Other Stories About Rap Music.
The Debut Paperback by Hip-Hop Journalist Luke Fox

A spankin’ new print release comes courtesy of Toronto-based freelance music journalist Luke Fox titled Ice-T shot me in the face & eleven other stories about rap music. The book features 12 stories involving personal encounters with some of hip-hop’s ever-prominent cast of compelling characters and personalities. The experiences are drawn from Fox’s 10-year career as writer and editor at Pound Magazine among other assignments. Since released, the book has been selling out at OFF THE HOOK in Montreal and at BOUNDLESS in New York City, and it is now available to purchase in Toronto at TYPE.

Luke Fox loves rap music. And when Fox writes about rap, he’s not musing about poetry. He’s also not adoringly worshipping idols. He simply loves the music, and he asks the questions someone who loves the music would ask. Talking to and about Ice-T, Nas, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Gang Starr, Kanye West, El-P, MF Doom, Kool G Rap, Common, and dead prez, Fox takes on the egos and the attitudes, connecting the past with the present, the pop with the peculiar. In these 12 candid interviews, Fox not only presents a small chunk of his extensive freelance career, he paints a coherent portrait of hip-hop at a crossroads, before and after the millennium.

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Trav’s Take: I love me a good hip hop book that deals on the history of the culture and the music, this looks like one I might have to pick up….

BUY NOW at TYPE in Toronto, 883 Queen Street West:
Buy at OFF THE HOOK in Montreal:
Buy at BOUNDLESS in New York City:




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