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Uncommon Records Presents: Kitchen Khemistry

by Travis on November 2, 2010

Kitchen Khemistry is a voluntary, rogue, outer body experience. What KK does is find hidden lights in the universe and translates these light waves into sound. Therefore, Kitchen Khemistry is a translator of light waves. What you hear is what you don’t see!

What does that sound like? It sounds like a 2010 underground rap version of “Planet Rock”. It sounds like nothing else that Uncommon Records has ever released. You may actually end up dancing to “Transit” as well as head nodding to it.

This is the shuttle, the subway, the life. This is space, this is street, this is real.

Audio and video after jump….

Cast your vote today in support of high quality progressive hip-hop by purchasing our latest release, Kitchen Khemistry‘s “Transit” today! While Kitchen Khemistry is now available at Itunes, Amazon and all other digital retail stores, it’s been available the last 3 days at our own digital store (and you can still pick it up from us there).  Why didn’t we tell you about the early leak?  WE DID!  On our Twitter and Facebook pages!  Make sure you follow us there to find out about exclusive leaks and other information.  We’ve got big plans for our Facebook page in the coming months so get over there and “Like” us today!

Starving Artist – Kitchen Khemistry by UncommonRecords

Off Limits – Kitchen Khemistry by UncommonRecords

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