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Zilla Rocca – Big Stupid Bangers: Zilla Rocca’s Beat Tape

by Travis on November 2, 2010

It was a slow Sunday. Now that “The Walking Dead” is about to start, it’s the proper treat for me after spending 3 hours digging through my archives for beats, new, old, and older than Cloris Leachman. These are all up for grabs. Some are 5 years old. Some were made earlier this year. Some are mixed beautifully. Some are just some basic loops. Some were recorded to but projects never dropped. So goes the game…

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Get “Big Stupid Bangers” Here

Anyway, inside this folder is 35 beats. I ordered them in terms of “hotness” or quality, if you will. Beat number 35 isn’t trash, and beat 1 isn’t putting Just Blaze outta business, just trying to keep you gassed to get to the end cause almost 60 minutes of beats is a marathon. If you feel inclined to do a song to any of them, please let me know and we can discuss the specifics. Or if you know of someone who would sound good, again give me the heads up and we’ll take it from there.

Zilla Rocca
Three Dollar Pistol Music

Trav’s Take: I guess originally this was supposed to be shared among friends, but Zilla decided he shouldn’t keep such hotness to himself, so he went ahead and let us share with the rest of y’all. It’s a good thing for you. I know Zilla is probably seen among the internets as an emcee first, but dude is also a fine producer. I’ve always said if I had an ounce of musical skill in my body that I’d make beats that sound like a lot of Zilla’s. See “King Kong” to see what I mean, which is my favorite track so far (I’m about to track 25 right now). Zilla is nothing but original, and while he has his “sound”, it’s sometimes hard to say “that is a Zilla Rocca beat”, which means dude is diverse. Check it out, a Bloggerhouse approved project.

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