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Dart presents The Official Bloggerhouse Story

by Staff on November 3, 2010

As many of you know, November 1st, 2010 marked our one year anniversary as a collaborative blog. I once ran a blog titled Poisonous Paragraphs, Travis Glave ran a popular blog called Wake Your Daughter Up and Eric Coons converted his blog When They Reminisce into the new home for Bloggerhouse and he changed the domain name. Few of you know the full story behind the formation of Bloggerhouse, a site that now has an associated Wikipedia site, an internet radio show (The Scrunchface Show) and some other things upcoming in 2011 that I’m not at liberty to discuss yet. Here it goes…

Way back in early May 2009, Joe Budden went batshit insane over his seeding in a dumbass Vibe Magazine feature and posted up a video reaction to his seeding in the aforementioned piece that caused quite in uproar. The fallout lead to a beef between Method Man and the entire Wu Tang Clan versus Joe Budden and his crew Slaughterhouse.  I referred to it later as “The Shot Heard ‘Round The ‘Net” in a piece I did slightly less than a week later. I wanted to see these dudes actually battle it out but no, the business won out. Method Man & Redman were promoting “Blackout! 2″ and Slaughterhouse was busy working on it’s collective project so they couldn’t just battle it out. I decided to parody the entire situation via Twitter instead.

I began an elaborate joke on Twitter presenting a scenario where XXL Magazine posted up a “Greatest Blogger Ever” bracket and when I saw it I posted up a YouTube video pissed off because I was put up against Eskay of Nah Right in a bracket the same way Budden was versus Method Man. In the ensuing YouTube rant I said something to the effect of how “Eskay calls himself the greatest blogger ever but no one’s fuckin’ with me on the blog tip. Period.”. Eskay sees the video, makes an angry post on Nah Right in reaction then goes on Hot 97 the next day with LowKey of You Heard That New and Meka of 2 Dope Boyz dissing me on the air. I then call in and threats are made both ways.

Since Eskay already had the well known internet consortium the NMC (New Music Cartel) down with him I decided to create an underground blogger collective akin to Slaughterhouse. I was already in the Budden role due to my repeated rants and shots @ XXL, Vibe, Global Grind and Complex back around that time so I picked Trav of Wake Your Daughter Up, Eric of When They Reminisce and Brandon Soderberg @ No Trivia to round out the fictional crew called Bloggerhouse. What resulted next was pure Twitter comedy full of made up scenarios involving the entire Hip Hop internets and misspelled tattoos (and an exercise where I put four random rappers into a group whose group name ended in “house” i.e. Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka Flame & Lil’ Boosie are Outhouse)

The whole situation had pretty much blown over until an incident happened in August that resurrected the whole situation and I once again brought back the NMC/Bloggerhouse jokes. During one of my Bloggerhouse joke stretches in late August, Eric hit me with a DM talking about “Let’s do it. The whole Bloggerhouse thing. Travis is down!”. “Is this muthafucka serious?” I thought to myself. I was already going to discontinue Poisonous Paragraphs on January 1st, 2010 because frankly if I did it for another year I could’ve done serious physical & mental harm to myself (you’ll never understand what an undertaking doing that blog for 3 straight years was). How would this whole thing work?

Eric explained that he was willing to transform When They Reminisce into Bloggerhouse and I could continue posting on both Bloggerhouse and Poisonous Paragraphs until PP closed up shop in January and Travis would pull double duty on Wake Your Daughter Up and Bloggerhouse until he finally decided to merge his site with Bloggerhouse. I told them that I was leaving Poisonous Paragraphs up. All 734 posts will stay up for people to read and for me to link to my past work. The next step was the transition and announcing that it was happening. Next, we had to agree on what Bloggerhouse would be and how we’d determine what content to post on the new site.

Travis and Eric actually posted content (including videos) submitted from other sources on their sites and that was something I was always dead set against. Both Wake Your Daughter Up and When They Reminisce had teams and guest contributors. I didn’t allow anyone to write on Poisonous Paragraphs but me. I agreed that Bloggerhouse should continue the tradition their sites had already established (although I rarely post any submitted material as I often forward it to Trav or Eric as I’d rather post something I wrote instead). We used to collaborate on features over the years and now the process would be so much easier as it could be housed on one shared site now.

I announced in early September that Bloggerhouse wasn’t a joke after all and that it was coming. I fronted like the whole thing was planned for months and was just coming to fruition. Bullshit. I was joking. As we spent the next couple of months being secretive as possible we realized that we hadn’t really explained what Bloggerhouse was going to be to anyone that didn’t follow me or us on Twitter. I decided to handle that with a post about a week before the site switched over to Bloggerhouse and as Eric was working on a logo. Just one problem, we hadn’t involved Brandon Soderberg in ANY of this process to date. He never even confirmed that he was in yet! *Smacks forehead*

I sent Brandon an email explain that I wanted him to post whatever he wanted and that his writing was what was going to make Bloggerhouse unique. Both myself and Brandon Soderberg made sites based on written content and I wanted him to provide that to balance out the content from third parties in addition to contrasting the chemistry myself, Trav & Eric already had from collaborating so often over the past 3 years online. Ultimately, Brandon declined and we scrambled for a replacement. Eric and Travis already had a couple guys in mind that would fit in perfectly.

The first blogger we approached to become our fourth member of Bloggerhouse after Brandon @ No Trivia declined was our boy & affiliate Jaz Ford of the widely respected blog Cold Rock Da Spot. We asked Jaz but he was uncertain about the commitment to another site as he was happy with what he was doing already at his spot. That left one last suggested fourth member and we were only about four days away from opening up shop. We presented our case to the UK homie Dan Love @ From Da Bricks. He also declined, telling us that between real life, work, photography and his features on Passion Of The Weiss it would be possible. I guess that meant Bloggerhouse would have to continue without a Crooked I OR a Nino Bless, huh?

In any event, we had our mission statement post in place courtesy of myself and I had a backup piece that I was going to post up on the site when we finally went official on November 1st already in my back pocket. Eric, Travis & I immediately went to work collaborating on features that we’d finish out the year with as we looked towards an uncertain future. I went nuts writing several pieces for our first week as Bloggerhouse and Eric hit me up talking about “You know that post you did laying out the mission statement for Bloggerhouse where you said “Content is king and we are the kings of content”? That should be the site’s tagline! That shit sounds ill!”. My response was “Word” followed by me actually looking at the post again because I didn’t remember writing it. I played it off and put it on all my preceding Bloggerhouse ads on Poisonous Paragraphs, though…

So there you go, Bloggerhouse started out as an elaborate twitter joke and has become an extremely real entity as I often get reminded when I get a phone call from overseas about something music related or when we set up our Scrunchface Show sessions for a coming Tuesday. Wait until you see what we have planned in 2010. This time it didn’t just happen and we planned it out for months ahead of time. Wait until I tell the tale of how the Scrunchface Show came to be in another week!

Thank you all (my Bloggerhouse brethren, extended blog family, readers and listeners included) for a great year that has truly changed my quality of life and I look forward to many, many more.


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Josef Zehetner November 3, 2010 at 3:48 am

Very funny story. I enjoyed reading it. I didnt know i started reading bloggerhouse around the time it came up.

Trackstar the DJ November 3, 2010 at 10:20 am


Kevin November 21, 2010 at 9:43 pm

Poisonous Dart, aka Mr Adams we need to catch up, it’s Kevin…remember me

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