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Karniege Presents: “Can I Kick It Vol.3″ (Mixtape)

by Eric on November 8, 2010

“Can I Kick it Vol. 3″ is the final installment to the “Can I Kick It,” series. This mixtape has more of an album feel than an actual mixtape. It’s comprised of original posse cuts and collaborations that Karniege has done over the years. You may know him from his previous work like “From the Left”, produced by Nasa, “Empire State” with Vast Aire and the “Unveiling” with Marq Spekt.

Already this project has classic songs such as “Dat’s Word” produced by the legendary Da Beatminerz, other guest appearances are made by C-Rayz Walz, MURS, Poison Pen, Wordsworth, Geechi Suede (Camp Lo) and a lot more besides. All together “Can I Kick it Vol.3″ is well worth the wait! It’s a nice eye opener to what Karniege has in store for the people in 2011 when he releases his forthcoming studio album entitled “Kolorful Thawts.” Hit the jump for tracklisting, as well as download links.

01.) The Preface (Intro)
02.) Win The Crowd (feat. Kain Slim) (Produced By Lostsun) (of Armyfatique)
03.) T-Rex (feat. Marq Spekt & C-Rayz Walz) (Produced By Illastrate)
04.) Dat’s Word (Produced By Da Beatminerz)
05.) La Familia (feat. Access Immortal & Medina Starr) (Produced By Vanderslice)
06.) Rahiem Drink Water (Drop)
07.) Dark Ages (Re-Visited) (feat. Murs & Vast Aire) (Produced By Karniege)
08.) Can I Kick It (feat. Access Immortal & Wordsworth) (Produced By Lawz Spoken)
09.) Universal (feat. Kenyattah Black) (Produced By Thanos) (of Brotherhood)
10.) Thin Air (feat. Marq Spekt) (Produced By Illastrate)
11.) Slow Motion (Produced By Karniege)
12.) Kolorful Thawts (Album Snippet)
13.) Beautiful Decay (feat. Double A.B.) (Produced By Dub Sonata)
14.) Shark Food (feat. Baretta Bronson & Geechi Suede) (of Camp Lo) (Produced By Metaphysic)
15.) Homicide Written (feat. Akil Nuru & Marq Spekt) (Produced By Lex Boogie)
16.) Time (feat. Aarophat) (Produced By Illastrate)

Bonus Tracks:
17.) Spread The Word (Remix) (Produced By The Cut Family Foundation)
18.) I Love New York (feat. Vast Aire, Access Immortal, C-Rayz Walz & Poison Pen) (Produced By DJ Ruckspin)


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