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Vinyl Frontiers EP (starring Muneshine/Treklife/Oddisee/Kaimbr and more!) DOWNLOAD

by Eric on November 10, 2010

European production team Vinyl Frontiers launches EP with US greats.

Vinyl Frontiers announces that a lot of music is coming out soon with artists such as Treklife, Muneshine, Maffew Ragazino, Kaimbr, J Sands, and more.. To kick off the new label “Imake records” on which all of this will be released, they´re giving away a free EP with never before released tracks and remixes.

“We’ve met a lot of artists during European tours and through the internet. Whereas producers usually have to settle for just productioncredits in a booklet, we have been blessed in a way that all these artists are willing to let us release this music ourselves. So expect a lot of EP’s/albums from Vinyl Frontiers within the next year. The first EP will be made with Canada’s Muneshine, followed by Cali’s own Treklife.

For now, download the Vinyl Frontiers Unreleased EP HERE, and hit the jump for tracklisting.


01 Dj Friss intro

02 Redlight Boogie – Betrayal

03 Maffew Ragazino – Pale Moon Light

04 Muneshine – What Now (feat. Sean Price & Termanology) (Vinyl Frontiers rmx)

05 Treklife – Always Together

06 Reef – You Gotta

07 Oddisee – Such Is Life (Vinyl Frontiers rmx)

08 Kaimbr – Raw Music

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