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Bloggerhouse Presents: 300 Slept On Tracks From The Last Decade (Dart’s Picks 61-80)

by Staff on November 11, 2010

What up, people? I gave my Bloggerhouse brethen 10 days to catch up but they got jobs and wives and children n’ shit and I sleep 4 hours a day and when I do sleep I’m writing lists like this. Here’s the latest installment I concocted. Hopefully you enjoy it:

61. Del The Funky Homosapien “Press Rewind” off “Both Sides Of The Brain” (Hiero Imperium, 2000)

Del came back with a solo LP and the singles “If You Must” & “Phoney Franchise” made noise but it was the bars on “Press Rewind” that reminded heads that Del was not falling off anytime soon. Del also saw more success in the following years after the Deltron 3030 LP and becoming the main emcee behind Gorillaz as well as appearing on a couple of Handsome Boy Modeling School projects. If you slept on this album there’s no need for alarm (see what I did there?)…

62. Mr. Lif f/El-P, Jean Grae & Akrobatik “Port Mortem” off “I Phantom” (Def Jux, 2002)

If you’ve ever seen the Def Jux documentary “Revenge Of The Robots” than you’re already familiar with this instrumental as it was used several times in the film. This song was a monster, featuring bars about how each emcee would spend their last moments on Earth before the apocalypse came. El-P and hometown cats Mr. Lif & Akrobatik held it down but Jean Grae stole the show. Again.

63. Soul Position “Printmatic” off “8 Million Stories” (Rhymesayers/Fat Beats, 2003)

I remember copping this album in what was once the flagship Strawberries at Downtown Crossing shortly after it came out. That was $9.44 well spent. I can never forget putting this into the Craig CD player I copped @ work for $5 (I paid $3 too much) and hearing Blueprint spit fire over an RJD2 jawn called “Printmatic”. A fair percentage of you are just in awe that I had an actual job once, aren’t you?

64. Tragedy Khadafi f/Havoc “Fall Back” off “Still Reportin’” (Solid, 2003)

Tragedy Khadafi is one of my all time emcees and I was trying to buy this album off of Sandbox Automatic but when my order showed up they crossed it off and informed me on the invoice that it was sold out. Fuck. I went looking for a copy on my day off and I ended up copping it from Newbury Comics @ Government Center. My jawns were “U Make Me Wanna” and “Fall Back”. Scram Jones did the damn thing on this LP. A lot of heads slept.

65. 1st Infantry f/Mobb Deep “Backwards” off “Free Agents: The Murda Mixtape (Bonus Disc)” (Landspeed, 2003)

This Alchemist production was included on the bonus disc that was included in a sleeve inside the CD packaging for Mobb Deep’s Landspeed Records release. This double CD collection contained quite a few gems in it and this was one of them. Every so often I just need to pull this CD out and play it. Then I end up playing all my old Alchemist compilations. Then the Alchemist & Evidence instrumental albums. Alchemist beats are a gateway drug…

66. Madlib f/MED “Please Set Me At Ease” off “Shades Of Blue” (Blue Note, 2003)

This was my favorite selection off of “Shades Of Blue”, even more than “Slim’s Return”. When I saw that one of my Bloggerhouse brethren picked a selection off of this same LP I was so relieved that this jawn didn’t get picked. I love this track.

67. Ill Bill f/Goretex, Necro & Uncle Howie “Glenwood Projects” off “What’s Wrong With Bill?” (Psycho + Logical, 2004)

I was always a Non Phixion fan, not only Non Phixion but each of the individuals that comprised the group. This track featured production by Necro, an intro by Bill & Necro’s Uncle Howie (R.I.P.), Necro & Goretex. This track would even get a dead person hyped up. After hearing this I get the urge to pull out “The Green CD/DVD” and watch that jawn for real.

68. Vast Aire “Viewtiful Flow” off “Look Mom, No Hands” (Chocolate Industries, 2004)

Vast Aire’s “Look Mom…No Hands” LP was so damn slept on it’s frustrating. There are several selections off this album that I fux with but this is the track that I selected to showcase. I know that not everyone can hang with Vast’s style but at least he doesn’t sound like anyone else. It’s still crazy to think that Aesop Rock has biters. Fuck are those cats thinkin’?

69. K-Os “B-Boy Stance” off “Joyful Rebellion” (Astralwerks, 2004)

Folks tend to sleep on K-Os. Is it because he’s Canadian? Is it because he sings & he’ll pull out a guitar on your ass from time to time? I have no idea why because the man makes excellent albums while pushing the boundaries that define what Hip Hop albums are supposed to be sonically. This track is emblematic of that. Another thing is this dude actually does an excellent job of picking singles. If you’ve been sleeping on K-Os just recognize that some of the stuff everyone is giving Kanye West props for now he’s been doing for a decade now. Just sayin’.

70. Dilated Peoples “Marathon” off “Neighborhood Watch” (Capitol, 2004)

If you’re not feeling Dilated Peoples “Marathon” then chances are I won’t want to be friends with you. This track was off their 2004 LP “Neighborhood Watch” which was best known for the Kanye West featured song “This Way” instead of ones like “Marathon”, “World On Wheels” and “Poisononous”. In any event, this album was ill and heads slept hard on this jawn. Hell’s wrong with folks?

71. Oh No f/Cornbread Of Kaliwild 11 Every Section off “The Disrupt” (Stones Throw, 2004)

I could’ve picked from several other selections off “The Disrupt” like “Move”, “Stomp”, “The Ride”, “Getaway”, “Take Another” or “I Can’t Help Myself” but I chose the heavily slept on track “Every Section” instead. The track is a tad bit chaotic composition wise and it’s short, which means it’s going to have a high replay factor. If you don’t own “The Disrupt” then you’re really slippin’. Trust me on this.

72. Little Brother “Say It Again” off “The Minstrel Show” (Atlantic, 2005)

Little Brother’s first foray into the major label world was the ambitious album “The Minstrel Show. This was the same album that featured the single “Lovin’ It” with the video that BET refused to play because Little Brother was proclaimed “Too intelligent” for the network. “Say It Again” is one of the many selections from this project that I could pick that heads slept on. When the sales numbers came back for the album many remarked that it was a flop, I disagree. It was simply “too intelligent” for majority of the listening audience in 2005. What a damn shame…

73. Strange Fruit Project “Ready Forum” off “The Healing” (OM, 2006)

Strange Fruit Project continue the tradition of slept on groups coming out of Texas. They dropped the incredible project “The Healing” in 2006 on OM Records around the same time I’d just gotten into Tanya Morgan. These two albums were the talk of online communities like Okayplayer but not many other places. In any event, the trio of Symbolyc One (the very same Symbolyc One that produced Kanye West’s lead single “Power”), Myth & Myone delivered a classic that damn near everyone slept on. I picked “Ready Forum” because they were ready for the world but alas, the world STILL wasn’t ready for SFP. Damn shame…

74. Lupe Fiasco “Lupe The Killer” off “Touch The Sky”& “Fahrenheit 1:15 Pt. II: Revenge Of The Nerds” (Mixtape, 2006)

One of Lupe Fiasco’s most celebrated tracks happens to also be one of the ones that never made either of his albums. I could’ve chosen “Pen & The Needlz”, “Game Time” or “And He Gets The Girl” amongst many other jawns collected on his heralded mixtapes but I decided to go with “Lupe The Killer”. For the record, Mixtape Lupe>>>>>>>Mixtape Weezy. All day.

75. RZA f/Big Daddy Kane, GZA & Suga Bang Bang “Cameo Afro” off “RZA Presents: Afro Samurai The Soundtrack” (Koch, 2007)

For those who missed it, RZA did the score and soundtrack to a widely successful animated feature series called “Afro Samurai”. On said soundtrack contained some of the best material RZA had composed since he went in on the “Ghost Dog” score and soundtrack for Jim Jarmisch years before. This jawn paired Big Daddy Kane with GZA and to quote RZA “This shit is…fuckin’ ridiculous!”. Check it out now and revisit the original Afro Samurai soundtrack. The re-up soundtrack was kinda hit or miss but the “Afro Samurai” re-up film was insane. One word, two syllables: Blu-Ray.

76. Custom Made f/Bluff, Element & Parado “Envoy” off “Original Dynasty” (Babygrande, 2008)

Custom Made is a crew from Cali that got their start with a couple of releases on the newly reformed Rawkus Records (and they were also part of the ambitious Rawkus 50 campaign) before dropping “Original Dynasty” on Babygrande in 2008. I remember reviewing this project for Poisonous Paragraphs and giving it a favorable review but my favorite jawn off of it was definitely “Envoy”. Listen and figure out why.

77. Black Spade “Where I’m Coming From” off “To Serve With Love” (OM, 2008)

You bastards slept so hard on Black Spade’s “To Serve With Love” that if it were possible to move from Earth I would. That’s how disgusted I was with humanity for fronting on this album. “Sick Of The Bullshit”? “Tale Of 32″? “Love’s Right Here”? I chose “Where I’m Coming From” but as soon as I find the audio for “Tale Of 32″ I may swap it out because the album is on an older hard drive and I’m kinda pressed for time with this one. Regardless, find Black Spade’s “To Serve With Love” and cop it. There’s till time to make up for your past sins and transgressions.

78. Shawn Jackson f/Guilty Simpson “Strategies” off “First Of All…” (Tres, 2008)

Shawn Jackson x Guilty Simpson x Snowman Jack AKA Jordan Rockswell = A banger called “Strategies”. Shawn Jackson ended up being Rookie Of The Year in 2008 after dropping two excellent projects on Tres Records, his debut LP “First Of All..” and his collaborative album with Newman (Giant Panda) as New Jack Hustle called “Soundcheck”. If you haven’t heard either album then just assume that God AND Jesus are both mad at you. If you aren’t Christian, then just assume that they’re STILL mad at you and the only way to get them off your back is to hear these records (You know I’m old because I used the word “records”).

79. Common Market “Trouble Is” off  “Black Patch War EP” & “Tobacco Road” (Hyena, 2008)

Producer Sabzi (also of Blue Scholars) and emcee RA Scion (who sounds like a mix between Brother Ali & Zach De La Rocha) delivered what turned out to be another modern classic in the Bush Administration era policy inspired “Tobacco Road” album. The lead single from the “Black Patch War EP” which preceded the album was the powerful “Trouble Is”. If for any reason you had no idea this song or album ever existed then here’s your sign…

80. De La Soul “Forever” off  “Are You In?” (Nike Sportmusic, 2009)

De La Soul made an album for Nike’s Original Run campaign via their Sportmusic label that’s distributed via iTunes called “Are You In?”. Although it’s made specifically for workouts and runs and things of that nature it’s still a dope ass album. The best thing on the album is the closer, the Young RJ produced banger “Forever” that even a gang of De La Soul fans never heard. As an oldhead Bostonian from the South End & Lower Roxbury anything bearing a Nike swoosh is off limits and against my religion but I fux with De La Soul so it gets a pass. You’re all welcome.

Next up: I give my Bloggerhouse brethren Eric & Travis some more time to catch up before I drop Dart’s Picks 81-100 on the masses. Be on the lookout…


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james November 12, 2010 at 7:05 am

i love seeing the ignorant reviews of power and ye’s album giving him credit for the beat and no mention of S1 in sight. i too, am astounded at how overlooked shit like SFP, common market and black spade is. nice list man

Josef Zehetner November 12, 2010 at 7:09 am

Marathon from Dilated Peoples slept on? Maybe Dilated Peoples are more famous in the european underground – But when i talk to somebody who knows HipHop in my Country, they at least know dilated Peoples.
Also the Little Brother Album is a classic! As a european i know shit about BET. “The Becoming” is one of my favourite tracks ever!
AND: I probably would have slept on some Tracks too – but thanks to you guys i know Albums like Tobacco Road.

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