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New ScholarMan Video “Lyrical Baptism”

by Travis on November 11, 2010

“Lyrical Baptism” is the first single from ScholarMan’s 2011 album “ExiSTANCE.” Produced by ScholarMan, directed/edited by Marques Green of Que Films. Make-up by Evie Bernard-Thompson. Talent includes actors David Matthews, Dawn Hall, Kelsey Saunders, Leslie Saunders.

Soganic Music will be releasing ScholarMan’s new album “ExiSTANCE” this January, 2011. The new album will be available in all major digital outlets and in select retail stores. “ExiSTANCE” is the follow up to ScholarMan’s 2010 release “Free Spirit of a Troubled Soul” that was released this past January.

With a saturated market and much music for a listener to choose from these days, how does an artist exist within all? Some artists rely on gimmicks, smoke and mirrors, others simply follow whatever seems to be working for other artists in the industry.

What happened to the authenticity, inspiration and innovation in our music – the soul of our music? Whatever the case may be, ScholarMan continues his movement of refreshing and inventive hip-hop with new album “ExiSTANCE.” The new album features 14 tracks, all produced by ScholarMan featuring the lyrical talents of TrueBless, Kahli Abdu, Silent War and vocals from Anonamas.

The concept behind the album according to ScholarMan is “doing more than just living but existing – leaving your mark, taking a stance for something.” As with his previous releases, ScholarMan calls this another stepping stone in his journey through hip-hop. He continues to build on his craft, adding another quality release to his catalog. On “ExiSTANCE,” ScholarMan invites you into his world again, where he gets a bit more personal by sharing a side of his soul that he hasn’t shown before.

Soganic Music is a Maryland based independent label that promotes and sponsors soulfully organic music, artists and events.

ScholarMan “ExiSTANCE” Track list:

Lyrical Baptism
S.T.K. featuring TrueBless & Kahli Abdu
Ces Pool Reflection
Embrace Horizon featuring Silent War
Si Vu Ples
Unto You
Get Pass Go featuring Anonamas
Lighthouse (Screamix)

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