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H.I.S.D. – The Weakend (Review/ B-House Approved)

by Eric on November 29, 2010

“The Weakend” – H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District)

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So, just how much do I know about H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District)?  Well, to be quite honest, even after literally wearing out their recent opus, “The Weakend” over the last two weeks, very little, almost to a fault.  What I do know about the crew is that they released an extremely dope EP with “The Summer Sessions” in the heat of 2008.  Sadly though, score me a late pass for their debut “The District” (gonna’ cop it tonite, without a doubt!).  Thankfully, my ears have been blessed with “The Weakend”, which I become very keen on after the crew’s single and video for “Rockin It aka Space UP” found itself on the pages of Bloggerhouse.

Now, let the bold statements commence:  While 9th Wonder’s performance on Little Brother’s debut “The Listening” seems somewhat underwhelming in 2010 (as does much of 9th’s production nowadays), the album (“The Listening”) is arguably a classic in my book.  Around the time of it’s release “The Listening” was a fresh sound that had been tucked away for years only to emerge several years later, as 9th’s production was often compared to Pete Rock’s of the golden era. THIS album from H.I.S.D. is “The Listening” 2010! What’s really a damn shame is that this LP will go unfairly unnoticed for the most part, I’d bet the farm on it! Yet, if I can have my say, you would be remiss to sleep on “The Weakend”. Not only is this album a must cop, but H.I.S.D. has only heightened expectations from what we can expect from the four man crew comprised of emcees Scottie Spitten, Equality, Savvi and LdaVoice, as well as producers King Midas and E-Classic.

However, the true highlight of the LP is the production, laced by King Midas as tracks like the LP’s opener, “Come Out and Play”, the aforementioned “Space UP!” and “SheetRock” all feature airy, bass-heavy, almost LabTechish’ soundscapes that can very well be classified as true “headphone music”.  I just wish I knew a bit more in regards to the crew as they’ve flow under the radar (even on the underground tip) for the last few years.

So, in closing, “The Weakend” is the best $5.00 you’ll spend in 2010!  Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if this LP also finds itself atop one of our “Best of 2010″ lists here at Bloggerhouse.  Hit the jump to listen to “The Weakend” in it’s entirety.

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pop life December 1, 2010 at 12:33 pm

this by far rthe best album ive herd in a long time space the hell up people !!!!!

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