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What’s New In Dart’s iPod #25 AKA Better Late Than Never

by Staff on December 4, 2010

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a review blog but these things get tougher to do around the holiday season. There’s already been enough delay, let’s just get into it. Due to the overwhelming amount of projects I had to review (I had to stop @ 40 in order to preserve my sanity) I can’t provide individual purchase links. I apologize for the inconvenience:

AZ “Doe Or Die: 15th Anniversary Edition” 11.30.2010

AZ drops a 10 song project to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the release of his classic debut “Do Or Die” which dropped in October 1995. While this project is an enjoyable listen from beginning to end and the beats and bars are on point it doesn’t make a gang of sense to cop this for more than $7 at this length. The long awaited “Doe Or Die 2″ will drop in 2011 and be AZ’s 10th and final studio album. Cop it. If you can find this for a good price and you’re an AZ fan then pick this up too.

B. Lewis “La Semaine” 10.8.2010

Producer B. Lewis is a Bloggerhouse favorite & a Scrunchface Show regular. He dropped this project last month via his Bandcamp and it’s 7 ridiculous jawns you need in your life yesterday. For the slow, “La Semaine” is French for “The Week”. If you enjoyed his previous releases (especially “Mercury Backburner”) then you need to check this out.

Big L “The Devil’s Son” 11.23.2010

There has been much dispute over this project because it isn’t a new project endorsed by DITC/Lord Finesse or the Coleman family. It’s a compilation of rare freestyles and unreleased tracks Big L appeared on. In any event, it’s an enjoyable listen from beginning to end as it isn’t one of the ProTooled projects with Big L verses over a new beat. All 21 tracks are well worth the purchase price. When the official follow up project drops sanctioned by DITC I’ll cop that one, too. I see no reason to hate or front on this release unless his family isn’t seeing proceeds from it’s release.

The Black Eyed Peas “The Beginning” 11.30.2010

The Black Eyed Peas are aliens bent on global domination. First Earth, then the universe. I’m sure has built a mind control device on some Cobra Commander shit. In any event they must be stopped. This album is worse than the time Raheem asked Bishop for the gun after they robbed Old Man Quiles during Q’s DJ competition. This album should’ve been dropped into the molten steel along with the Terminator arm, that computer chip & the T-101 that saved John and Sarah Connor in “T2: Judgment Day”. Fuck these people.

Buff1 & Rhettmatic “Crown Royale” 12.7.2010

On December 7th, you need to do yourself a favor and cop Buff1 & Rhettmatic’s “Crown Royale”. Whether it’s the bars, production or the guest appearances there is nothing not to like about this album. Pre-order it now, you won’t be disappointed.

Cassidy “C.A.S.H” 11.16.2010

This album should’ve been renamed “N.O.P.E.”.

Ceelo Green “The Ladykiler” 11.9.2010

Ceelo Green’s “Fuck You” was all over the place for months and it’s received a ton of early props as being one of the best modern Soul/R&B albums of 2010. I’d have to agree with that assessment but it still falls short of Bilal and Jose James’ efforts earlier this year for me personally. If you’re sick of shit that sounds like tracks Trey Songz turned down then rock with “The Ladykiller”. Especially “Bodies”. Damb…

Copywrite “The Life & Times Of Peter Nelson” 11.16/30. 2010

Copywrite dropped a nice album but didn’t like the two tracks drifted too closely into Eminem on “Recovery” territory for my taste (“Shotgun”, “Tic Toc”) . That aside this album is worth the purchase price. Too many heads are gonna front on “The Life & Times Of Peter Nelson”. Guest appearances from MHz (Camu Tao, Tage Future, RJD2, & Jakki Da Mota Mouth), Sean Price, Planet Asia, Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm put it over the top. Don’t sleep…

Currensy “Pilot Talk 2″ 11.22.2010

I still don’t understand exactly why I like Curren$y so much. I cannot pinpoint a definitive reason but I know what I like. I don’t think “Pilot Talk 2″ is as good as “Pilot Talk” was, however. I think Curren$y has found a sound and a formula that works for him as he moved 14K units in his first week of release with production from Ski Beatz. I’d recommend this album with no reservations whatsoever.

Dam Funk/Computer Jay “L.A. Series #7 10x10x7″ 11.2.2010

Dam Funk x Computer Jay = COP THIS SHIT. Next?

Damu The Fudgemunk “Supply For Demand” 11.23.2010

Damu The Fudgemunk’s new offering is a collection of previously unreleased music, instrumentals and remixes of previous singles. If you’re a beat fanatic then you should definitely look into copping this. There’s even a few Y Society jawns or it. Cop it. Recommended.

Eligh “Grey Crow” 11.9.2010

Living Legend crew member Eligh’s new LP “Grey Crow” dropped in early November and my dumbass was late as hell to review it. Then comes a 38 track version on iTunes. If you’re a Legendary head then you need this in your life, otherwise you’ll be confused like a dyslexic reading a CAPTCHA. I give “Grey Crow” a maybe overall. I doubt I’ll be playing it much in the coming months…

Gangrene (The Alchemist & Oh No) “Gutter Water” 11.22.2010

After three long years of waiting, the collaborative project from two of the best producers in the Hip Hop game The Alchemist and Oh No is finally here. I really don’t feel like explaining why you should cop it. Instead, I’m going to tell you that you should’ve copped it already. If you see the vinyl “Sawblade EP” around cop that too. Highly recommended.

JR & PH7 “The Update” 11.30.2010

JR & PH7′s last LP “The Standard” was slept on like crazy. Their re-up “The Update” is yet another collection of bangers with features from Elzhi, Sean Price, Strange Fruit Project, Oddisee, Evidence, Buff1, Torae, L.E.G.A.C.Y, Ed O.G, Termanology, Frank N’ Dank, Trek Life, Rasco, Bambu, Shawn Jackson, Access Immortal and Theory Hazit. The production is top notch and you won’t feel cheated spending upwards of $7.99 on “The Update”. Highly recommended. Cop it.

Joell Ortiz “Free Agent” 11.30.2010/2.15.2011

Joell Ortiz’s E1 project “Free Agent” wasn’t supposed to drop until February. However, a fuck up between E1 Entertainment and Amazon put the album on sale the early hours of the 3oth. Whoops! The big disappointment is there’s no DJ Premier produced “Project Boy” to go along with Audible Doctor’s “Battle Cry”. All in all it’s worth copping. Recommended whenever it drops…

John Regan “Sorry I’m Late” 11.16.2010

John Regan & Culture VI dropped a damn good album independently and quietly. “Sorry I’m Late” features production from YZ, Nottz, 88-Keys & Needlz and guest appearances from Joell Ortiz, Nottz, PackFM, Ill Bill, Naledge, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Marsha Ambrosius & Wayna. John Regan opens some eyes with this debut. Don’t sleep on “Sorry I’m Late”.

Kanye West “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” 11.22.2010

This album has been hailed as a masterpiece and perfect by a number of music sites and publications. I don’t agree. I think this album is bloated and overdone thus taking away from the enjoyment factor. In addition, the G.O.O.D. Friday leaks were hit and miss with me plus I was expecting something more after being disappointed by “808′s and Heartbreak”. This marks two straight Kanye West albums I’m pretty much indifferent about overall. My favorite songs were the original/demo versions of “All Of The Lights” and “Devil In A New Dress”. Aside from “Runaway” (minus the ending), “Power”, “Gorgeous” and “Blame Game” this album was whatever to me. Keep calling it a classic, though. Like I give a fuck…

Ke$ha “Cannibal EP” 11.22.2010

Since Ke$ha is a cannibal she can eat a dick. This EP sucks and I wanna fistfight all of the producers. Seriously.

Knxwledge “KANNALOUPE EP” 11.9.2010

Knxwledge already dropped “Klouds” and “Skrawberries: Funraiser Vol. 3″ this year. In the spirit of overkill he dropped this ill EP via his Bandcamp. Cop it. I did.

Kyo Itachi “Musikyo” 10.29.2010

Japanese Hip Hop producer Kyo Itachi dropped a nice producer album called “Musikyo” right under everyone’s noses featuring Wildchild, LMNO, Rasco, John Robinson, Stahhr, Wordsworth, Sene, Copywrite, Dudley Perkins, Tha Connection, Hus and many others. The production is ill and bars were on point throughout the 21 tracks. I want the instrumentals. Recommended.

Lloyd Banks “The Hunger For More 2″ 11.22.2010

I heard the album and it’s a’ight. There’s some good songs on it and a few that should’ve never left the studio. Bottom line? I’m completely indifferent to it. I’m not motivated to erase it from my iTunes library (which is 61 GB’s on this particular PowerBook G4 that will get retired January 1st, 2011) but I don’t wanna play it, either. I have no time for forgettable or mediocre music. If you have low expectations then you should definitely cop it, though…

Mello Music Group “Helpless Dreamer” 11.23.2010

This shit right here? This shit right here, n*gga? This shit right here is called “def”. Production from Black Milk, Oddisee, Apollo Brown, Slimkat 78, Has Lo and Just Wright plus bars from Roc Marciano, Invincible, Finale, Buff1, Magestik Legend, Kenn Starr, Diamond District (Oddisee, XO & yU), Stik Figa, Fresh Daily, Has Lo and more. Frankly, there’s no way to front on this project. One of the best compilations of the year. Loaded. Cop it.

Miguel “All I Want” 11.30.2010

Miguel Jontel has made the soundtrack to Cuffing Season 2010-11. Congrats, family. After years and years of waiting Miguel finally delivers his album and it’s up there with my favorite R&B albums of 2010 already. Cop it. Highly recommended. Fuck you Trey Songz. Eat a dick The-Dream. Learn to spell Jeremih…

Nelly “5.0″ 11.16.2010

Nelly needs to go back to rockin’ a band aid because this album is hurtin’ derty. I heard he blamed his poor sales on his label. Holler at the man in the mirror, nigga!

Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday” 11.22.2010

Nicki Minaj is who I ain’t fuckin’ with…musically. “Pink Friday” raped my eardrums on a pinball machine for almost an hour and now they wanna press charges and testify in a court of law. You’ll pay for what you did to me!

Quincy Jones “Q Soul Bossa Nostra” 11.9.2010

This album is traumatizing. Quincy thinks he’s updating some of his classics but he’s actually tainting his legacy by making these terrible ass songs. This is a slap in the face. It’s almost as if he doesn’t realize the damage he’s doing to his own reputation and back catalog. He’s gonna butcher “Ai No Corrida” one of these days, I just know it. Avoid this piece of ass project by any means necessary.

Redman “Reggie” 12.7.2010

I’ve been a Redman fan since 1991 and this album is completely uninspired and mediocre in every way imaginable. Don’t buy it. If you download it, lower your expectations. On the plus side, once he gets released from Def Jam he’ll make the REAL album, “Muddy Waters 2″. Can’t wait for that.

Rihanna “Loud” 11.16.2010

About four tracks into “Loud” I began wishing I was deaf. THIS is what pop music sounds like? Stop it, 5! Fuck this album and the engineer should apologize to Earth as a whole.

Roll Deep “Winner Stays On” 11.8.2010

I’m a huge Roll Deep fan going back 10 years but this album is so suspect that it takes pictures in the bathroom mirror rockin’ Under Armour outfits. I’m beyond disappointed. It’s looking like I might have to rethink my position on the possible major label Grime album review moratorium. 85% of them are turrible, 10% just suck and 5% are tolerable. At least JME had the good sense to drop his independently so it could stay a fuckin’ GRIME album. Damb! “Winner Stays On” lost like Nas. *Searches for the Wiley & Tim Westwood episode of “Nevermind The Buzzcocks” online*

1773 “Sound Soulstice” 11.8/9.2010

Yet another excellent album that will be slept on by the Hip Hop listening audience at large. Produced entirely by Australian beatmaker ARKiV it bangs from beginning to end and while I’ve been aware of it for a while damn near no one else knows it dropped. Check out the 1773 Bandcamp to preview it to see if I’m kidding. I’m really not. Listen and if you dig it, cop it. I just wrote “dig it”. How fuckin’ old am I?

Slakah The Beatchild “Something Forever EP” 10.26.2010

Too many people are sleeping on T.Dot’s own Slakah The Beatchild. His new BBE EP “Something Forever” is a collection of instrumentals and reworkings of tracks from his debut album. In any event, you should check this project out and cop it. Slakah’s not the only cat from Toronto heads should be checkin’ for, either…

Souljah Boy “The Deandre Way” 11.30.2010

Whoa. This is an album chock full of retarded nigga anthems. I’m pretty sure “The Deandre Way” is a Declaration Of War on quality music. Satan has to get to work making a 10th Circle Of Hell exclusively for people that listen to this bullshit. 50 Cent & Trey Songz need to do be beaten with broom & mop handles for 5 minutes each for this bullshit. He signed Lil’ B? “30 Thousand 100 Million”? Is this a parody? “Pretty Boy Swag” isn’t a joke? I hope when I spin this totem I discover that I’m really dreaming and this album isn’t real…

T.I. “No Mercy” 12.7.2010

I’m beginning to think the reason T.I. got locked up again is because the arresting officer heard the advance of “King Uncaged”. The album’s called “No Mercy” so I’ll comply in the review. This project is what mediocre wants to be when it grows up. Fuck this album. Maybe another year of lock up will make him smarten up. More Jake One, less wack shit. Don’t buy this album, it’s a recession.

Tabi Bonney “Fresh” 11.22.2010

Tabi Bonney makes easy listening/riding/driving motivational party music. It’s the kind of music you’d hear playing in retail stores and the like. The album is pretty good even though it’s not my glass of grape soda personally. There are a few of the tracks I’d actually play in public but the album as a whole not really. I’d give “Fresh” a maybe if I still did that kinda thing. Next?

Tinchy Stryder “Third Strike” 11.15.2010

This album is nothing more than R&B/ElectroGrime bullshit with a gang of vocalists on the hook specifically designed to make my ears bleed. Bridget Kelly & Melanie Fiona probably got a fair appearance fee but I couldn’t get paid enough to cover my pain & suffering after hearing this shite. Tinchy Stryder named his album “Third Strike” and it’s his 3rd straight garbage major label release. I’m done reviewing Tinchy Stryder albums. How much disappointment can you stand? Fuck his musical output…

Twista “The Perfect Storm” 11.9.2010

It’s an okay album if your into that sort of thing but I was bored by it overall. I honestly don’t see myself playing this album ever again unless someone asks me what happened to Twista. In that case I’d play this and say “He JUST dropped this album not too long ago”. Other than that, I have nothing to say about it. It’ll be another Wikipedia entry, that’s something at least…

Virtuoso “The Final Conflict” 11.26.2010

Big Virt returns to his traditional Hip Hop roots with “The Final Conflict”. The result is a solid album that any Virtuoso fan won’t feel cheated by. You want beats and bars? Virt Vonnegut’s got that covered. Cop it on Amazon or iTunes.

The White Shadow Of Norway “Destiny” 10.30.2010

The White Shadow Of Norway’s “Destiny” sounds EXACTLY like previous projects I’ve heard by Snowgoons or pick a Jedi Mind Tricks/Army Of The Pharaohs release from the past 4 years. Nothing stands out. Boring as hell. Don’t even bother with it.

Various Artists “Whole Train OST” 11.23.2010

I dug this soundtrack back when it first dropped years ago overseas but I couldn’t cop it without issues since it was an import. Now, the soundtrack AND the award winning graf film “Whole Train” are BOTH finally available in the United States via Groove Attack distribution. 11 tracks featuring KRS One, Tame One, El Da Sensei, Afu Ra, Planet Asia, Akrobatik, O.C., Reef The Lost Cauze, Grand Agent & Florian Gaag AKA Aero One all make this a perfect companion to the film. Watch the flick on Netflix or cop it on Amazon then look for the soundtrack.

Yelawolf “Trunk Muzik 0-60″ 11.22.2010

I was never all that impressed by Yelawolf. He made the occasional cool song here and there that I liked over the past few years but nothing that made me really anticipate his album or hold him in higher than average regard. I heard “Trunk Muzik 0-60″ and while it’s better than I expected it to be I doubt I’ll still be playing it in 2011. I can recommended it because it doesn’t suck but I heard it several times and never replayed a single song and I couldn’t give you any quotable bars. Real talk.

Zion I “Atomic Clock” 11.9.2010

These cats need to scrap this ENTIRE album with the exceptions of “The Sun Come Out”, “The History” & the outro “Auto Automatic”. I’m good with “Atomic Clock”. Am I fuckin’ done yet? FINALLY?


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