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Aquil – Darkroom (Of My mind)

by Travis on December 7, 2010

Trav’s Take: The problem with getting 50-100 emails on a daily basis, is often I’ll hear or see a name, and may even listen to their music and actually like it, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t stick in my memory. I’m pretty sure that’s the case of Aquil. I know I’ve seen the name and I want to say I liked his music, but I can’t seem to find what I think it was that I thought I heard. None the less, after hearing and seeing Aquil’s video for his single “Much Greater”, I decided to check out more about him. I see that he is associated with another Philly name that has appeared on these pages in the form of former WYDU Spotlight Artist, Y?Arcka. So maybe that’s where I’ve heard the name, regardless I gave his latest project, Darkroom (Of My Mind) a listen and must say this cat has some talent. Well worth a listen.

Speaking to our times’ hopes and possibilities with evolutionary artistry and Emceeing, one way to describe his music is exceptional. A profoundly lyrical, poetic and in-depth yet conversational artist is how you will get to know Aquil through his rhymes. Aquil shows his dedication and appreciation of Hip Hop music and music in general with authenticity, honesty and lyrically fluid delivery. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa., Aquil is a lifvaelong admirer of music and has honed his skills, unafraid to mix genres such as the Blues, Jazz, Afro Beat, and Funk into a Hip Hop interpretation. His live shows are remarkable, leaving the crowd captivated, inspired and shouting for more.

Aquil – Much Greater (produced by Kuddie Fresh) Official Music Video from Godfrey Tabarez on Vimeo.

Download the album here:

Darkroom of my mind is a prelude to my EP On The Ascendant. Darkroom refers to the place where photos are developed and in this case those photos are the songs coming from my mind. It has been two years since I released a project and I am literally sitting on 2 albums. Enjoy

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