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WYDU/B.House Artist Spotlight: Sean E. Depp

by Travis on December 27, 2010

The Understudies crew out of the Bay Area in Cali have long been associated with WYDU and Bloggerhouse. Readers may remember the numerous spotlights we’ve done with the members of the crew, Citizen, Venture Capitalist and even the whole crew themselves. Today, we have Sean E Depp who is representing The Understudies crew. Sean E Depp is the latest to drop a mixtape, Catharsis, and is possesses the uniqueness and talent as the rest of the Understudies projects and affiliates that I’ve heard come out of the camp. We sat down with Sean E Depp to discuss the mixtape, upcoming projects and what makes The Understudies click….

Hear it HERE

1. Understand 02:20
2. Move ft. Citizen 03:03
3. Things Aint (What They Used To Be) ft. Citizen & Gee 03:46
4. Mama 04:38
5. Spilled Milk ft. Gee 02:53
6 BounceRock (Catharsis Mix) ft. Citizen & Gee 03:41
7. Soul of The City Pt II ft. Gee 03:15
8. Need Help? ft. Citizen 02:29
9. Cold Train ft. Citizen 02:05
10. Sky Chase Zone (Sean E Depp vs. Sonic The Hedgehog) 02:09

Bloggerhouse: Let’s drop a little knowledge and introduction for those out there that might not be familiar with Sean E Depp.

Sean E Depp: First, let me say it’s a pleasure to be rockin’ with the Wake Your Daughter Up/Bloggerhouse crew. It’s Sean E. Depp a.k.a. Black Hunter S a.k.a. Hip Hop Invada Zim a.k.a. Ghetto Geek, hailing from East Bay, Ca. representing Study Music.

WYDU: How did you get started in the game? What made you want to be an emcee and be involved in the game called hip hop?

Sean E Depp: I grew up with the music, there was more Ice Cube and Digital Underground getting played in my house than Curtis Mayfield or The Delfonics. Around the age of ten or eleven I started spitting little freestyles. As I got older I started writing down rhymes, because I had a poetry class that had me writing verses. By 14, I recorded the world’s shittiest rap demo, actually on cassette. But I didn’t start dropping listenable tracks and doing shows until after high school, and I started making hip hop connections around Berkeley. In 2007, I linked up with Citizen through a mutual friend, who helped me on the technical aspect of recording and setting up performances; and we started laying down singles and eventually put out Dude, Where’s My Album EP.

WYDU: I know the whole Understudies crew has numerous offshoot groups and the such, what else are you involved with on the group tip?

Sean E Depp: A project called Sean y Gee, is in the works with my homie [and Understudies affiliate] “Gee”, that boy gas on tracks. We putting together the finishing touches on our EP. It’s a switch up from the Understudies’ albums, just being the two of us it’s more of a cohesive custom sound. On the Understudies’ projects, we all really lean more towards a boom-bap, cypher-style just because we’re so deep on tracks, we just be jumping beats.

WYDU: The whole Understudies crew seems pretty close nit and work a lot with each other. What makes the whole group dynamic work as well as it does, even on solo projects?

Sean E Depp: At the end of the day we love this game and we’re hungry for it, we all share that unifying thread. Not to be melodramatic, but I look at this shit like hip hop Sopranos.

WYDU: So what’s up with the Catharsis Mixtape, what can people expect out of that project?

Sean E Depp: A common writing term is “cathartic writing.” Catharsis is a process of relieving tension and anxiety by purging one’s self of repressed emotions. I had to just say fuck the dumb shit, and just drop the type of music I as a fan of music would like to hear. Music I feel can move the crowd.

WYDU: Who do you have on the album? Do you keep it basically in house as far as production and guest appearances?

Sean E Depp: Yeah, I kept it in the family for the most part, Sopranos-style. “G”, Citizen and Myers kill the mixtape with me throughout. There’s a bonus track produced by Shonsteez, All Here, the one track that has damn near every member of our crew on it. Also, shout out to Whatson,who produced the intro track Move. That dude making slaps all the way in Germany, representing Study Music internationally, for real.

WYDU: Do you have a favorite track off of it? Any interesting stories in the making of it?

Sean E Depp: I’ve been getting positive feedback off of the track “Understand”, but my favorites are “Mama” and “Sky Chase Zone”, just because they’re so different and so me, hella ghetto geek. Funniest moment making the mixtape would definitely have to be getting wasted before dropping mock evil laughs to be used as samples and adlibs.

WYDU: How has the art of marketing online changed over the past years? Have you guys found anything that works better than other ways?

Sean E Depp: The online hustle got a lot of these rap cats spooked, I love it. It’s an actual free market of creativity. Twits and Faceyspaces make it where I don’t need to go beg the local radio station to bump my shit. I got Itunes, I can record a track and a video in Berkeley, put that online and in a week be getting hit up by people across the country or even on other continents saying they feeling my steez. It’s amazing. Don’t get me wrong though, I still got the CDs pressed for that grassroots, street grind.

WYDU: What’s up next for Sean E Depp and your various other projects?

Sean E Depp: I want to focus on promoting this mixtape first and foremost, I have some shows in the works. Oct. 29th at Blake’s in Berkeley, CA, I’m gonna be rocking with the dopest, Silk-E and her band, The O Boyz. I’m also gonna be on the road a bit with Aesop of Living Legends, including our first show in Las Vegas, NV, Dec. 4th at a club called Boomer’s….Then there’s my masterpiece, Dude, Where’s My Ipod?, I’m viciously crafting it now and should be released this coming Spring.

WYDU: Any last words to the groupies, haters, and future stans?

Sean E Depp: I do this for us…you jabroni. Stay Black.

Check out Catharsis @ / / @SeanEDepp @theunderstudies @studymusic

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