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Dart presents A Gang Of Best Of 2010 Lists That Only I Give A Fuck About… Part Two (Top 100 Instrumental LP’s & Beat Tapes Of 2010)

by Staff on January 2, 2011

I’m Dart Adams and I will be posting up yet another couple of long ass lists. These two lists are for the Top 100 instrumental projects and beat tapes of 2010. Some of you aren’t even aware that there were that many instrumental albums and beat tapes released in the past 12 months. All you’d need to do is scroll through my iPod Touch or my iTunes library for proof. I need to get starting transcribing this list know so I can maybe be done before the bowl game I actually care to see jumps off. I just realized that it’s Saturday.

UPDATE: I actually slept for 6 hours and when I woke up I immediately launched into transcribing then alphabetizing this list not to mention checking to see if these damb jawns even dropped in 2010 (one dropped in the last week of December 2009…fuck it). It took me another 7 hours to complete both of these lists and it’s 2:30 AM EST. SUNDAY. I missed those damb bowl games I wanted to see. All of ‘em. I’m sure I fucked up and left a few of my favorite instrumental albums & beat tapes from the first half of 2010. As I mentioned before, I probably lost the file. Just like I lost that folder of Pete Cannon beats Jay Large sent me back in April. That was a tragedy.

In any event, here are my lists, the counts may be off so fuckin’ sue me. If I missed your jawn, I truly do apologize. Here are the lists:

The Top 100 Instrumental Projects Of 2010 (According To Dart Adams)

6th Sense “It’s A 6th Sense Beat, Yo!! Vol. 2″

1000 Names “Illuminated Man”

Afta-1 “FORM”/”H(eye)LAND”

Apollo Brown “Brown Study Instrumentals”

Aspect 1 “Vibe Over”

Ayatollah “Cocoon”/”The Quixotic”

Alex B “Moments”

B. Lewis “La Semaine”

Berry Weight “Music For Imaginary Movies”

Bonobo “Black Sands”

Breakage “Foundation”

Brenk & Fid Mella “Hi-Hat Club Vol. 4: The Chop Shop”

Bruce Slim Beats “Arte De Samplear”

Budamunky “Mokstrumentals Vol. 2″

Bugseed “Bohemian Beatnik”

Busy “Moths”

Carlos y Gaby & GB (Gifted & Blessed) “L.A. Series #5 10x10x5″

Clutchy Hopkins “The Story Teller”

Daedelus “Righteous Fists Of Harmony”

Daedelus & Teebs “L.A. Series #6 10x10x6″

Dam-Funk & Computer Jay “L.A. Series #7 10x10x7″

Damu The Fudgemunk “How It Should Sound Vols. 1 & 2″

Devonwho “Keepthafunkalive EP”

Devonwho x Mndsgn “Episodes”

Dexter “Hi-Hat Club Vol.3: The Jazz Files”

Dibiase “Cakeology EP”/”Machines Hate Me”

Dibiase & P.U.D.G.E. “L.A. Series 10x10x1″

Dimlite “Prismic Tops”

DJ Babu “The Beat Tape Vol. 2″

Eight “Thriftworks x Insightful x B. Lewis x RIL) “8″/8.1″

Elaquent “Persona”

Eric Lau “Kilawatt EP/Makin’ Sound”

Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma”/”Pattern + Grid World”

Freddie Joachim “Midway”

Free The Robots “Ctrl Atl Delete”

FS Green & Full Crate “Hi-Hat Club Vol. 5: Eggs & Pancakes”

Georgia Anne Muldrow “VWETO”/(Jyoti) “Ocotea”

Houseshoes & Jordan Rockswell “L.A. Series #4 10x10x4″

Houseshoes & Flying Lotus “The Makings/Sangria Spin Cycles”

Hubert Daviz “Proceduri De Rutina EP”

Ikonika “Contact, Love, Want, Have”

Illastrate “Eddie Coleman’s Friday Night Theme Music”

Ill Poetic “The World Is Ours Instrumentals”

Ital Tek “Midnight Colour”

Jaisu “Straight Out The MPC”

Jake One “Stimulus Package Instrumentals”

J Dilla “Donut Shop”

James Pants “Seven Seals”

Jansport J “Movemeants”

Jay Scarlett & Omur Egin present Maverick Sessions Two

Jneiro Jarel “Android Love Mayhem EP”

Kanzulu (Kankick) “Full-Time Work, Part-Time Pay”

Kavemura “Gypso”

Knxwledge “Klouds”/”Kannaloupe EP”/”Funraiser Vol.3: Skrawberries”

Lex Boogie From The Bronx “Lex In Space”

Lorn “Nothing Else”

Madlib “Medicine Show No. 5: The History Of The Loop Digga”/”In Search Of Stoney Jackson Instrumentals”

Maker “Maker vs. Now-Again”

Metaform “The Electric Mist”

Mike Gao & Tokimonsta “L.A. Series #8 10x10x8″

Mono/Poly “Paramatma”

Mweslee “Eurocarne EP”

Nameless “16-Bit: Bonus Stages”

Oddisee “Traveling Man”/”Odd Spring”/Odd Winter”/”Everything Changed Nothing Instrumentals”

Onra “Long Distance”

Paul White “Paul White & The Purple Brain”

P.U.D.G.E. “Don’t Touch My Drumset”/”Idiot Box”

Question “Standard Translation”

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program & Samiyam “L.A. Series #3 10x10x3″

Roc Marciano “Marcberg EP/Instrumentals”

Roddy Rod “Cuba After Market 2″

RJD2 “The Colossus”/”Inversions Of The Colossus”

Slakah The Beatchild “Something Forever EP”

Slopfunkdust “Beat Fanatic Vol.1 : Smoker’s Choice”

Suff Daddy “The Gin Diaries”

Take “Only Mountain”

Take & Matthewdavid “L.A. Series #2 10x10x2″

Teebs “Ardour”

Teebs & Jackhigh “The Tropics EP”

Tokimonsta “Cosmic Intoxication EP”/”Midnight Menu”

TzariZM “The Heart Beatz Vol. 1″

Vanderslice “The Big Gold”

Various Artists “Producer No. 2″

Various Artists “Puzzles”

Willie Green “Dirty Jordans”

Wizard “Chill Pill 2″

Top 100 Beat Tapes Of 2010 (According To Dart Adams)

100 Akres “The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape”/”The New Edition Beat Tape”/”The Billy Ocean Beat Tape”/”The Whitney Houston Beat Tape”/”The David Bowie Beat Tape”/”The Pat Benatar Beat Tape”

AbJo “The Nature Of Things EP”/”The Tokyo Tea Suite”/”Tumblr Joints”

Abnormal “Corridors Of My Mind”/”Beats That Would Be Dope For Adult Swim”

Ackryte “Realize EP”

Ackryte x Broke x Repeat Pattern “Love Exposure”

Akilli “22 Years”

Apatight “Aye Pee Beat Library Vol.1″/”Aye Pee Beat Library Vol. 2″/”Aye Pee Beat Library Vol.3″

B.Lewis “Mercury Backburner”

Beat Maker Beat “Blue Magic (Draft)”/”Newold Drafts “Raw Drafts Pt.2″/”MacroKosmos”

Beatowski Beats “The Beat Tape Vol.1″

Behind Closed Doors Vol.2 “The Exclusive BCD Beat CD”

Boom Baptist “The BoomBaptism Beat Tape”

Brutal Music (Stu Bangas & Vanderslice) “Beats For Rap”

Bugseed “Beats”

DaiKatamy “DaiKatamy Is Gone 2″/”DaiKatamy Is Gone 3″

Daru Jones “DARU DRUM: BEATS”/”RUSIC MONO BEATS ’97-’99 Vol. 3″/”RUSIC LEAKS ’10 x RRRV1Strumentals”

Dela “The Robert Glasper Beat Tape”

Depakote “It Ain’t ’94 Anymore”/”The Gummo Album”

Diego Bernal “Besides…”

DJ Houseshoes presents Chanes “An Experiment In Instrumentation”

Elaquent “Freebies”

Falside “Jesus Shaves”/”Fall, Stand The F*ck Up”

Fathom 9 “Untitled (Pulse Beta)”

The Find Rewind Beat Tape

Foner “Love Beats”

Freddie Joachim (Mellow Orange & Orangology) “A.M.”

Gravity Movement “Beat Series 02: The Genesis”

Haz Beats “The Good Country Beat Tape”

Hexsagon “Charlie Parker Beat Tape”

Hypedog presents “The 2010 New School Beat Tape”

Inphy “The Remix Tape”

Insightful “Keeping The Faith Since ’89″/”Insightful Stupid”

Jamaal Jones “The GarageBeats EP”/”One Beat At A Time”

Jomac “Beat Mix 3″/”Days Explained…Beat Set 1″

Judah “The Amber Rose Instrumentals”

Kaytradamus “Teriphikness”/”The Weather Report LP”

Kaze “Kombination”

KenLo “Craqnuques (Brun)”

Kenny Keys “It’s Working!”

Kid Sublime “The Alicia Beat Tape”

Kixnare “Digital Garden”

Lakim “Project Mercury II: The Challenge Remains”

Leonard Dstroy “Higher Vibrations”

magOWL “Page One”

Munoz “Hip Hop’s Best Kept Secret”/”A Day In The Life 2″/”A Day In The Life 3″

Myke Forte “Zodiak: Taurus”/”Zodiak: Gemini”/”Zodiak: Cancer”/”Zodiak: Leo”/”My Forte: SPecial-404″

Nameless “BE[ats] ORIGINAL Vol.2″/”Hypedog presents The Best Of Nameless”

Nefarious “For The Night Time”

Obsidian Blue “The Chameleon Dynamic”

Ohbliv “EZwidas”/”The Soulphonic Beat Tape”

Professa “For You”/”Random Thoughts”/”From Mii”

P.U.D.G.E. “One Hand Band”/”theraPeutic”

RapOhneLizenz “The Beat Tape Vol.1″

The Roots “Dilla Joints”

S-Type “Medusa EP”

Shade Cobain “Cassette Theory: Beat EP”/”The Anti-Love Theory”

Soulful “The Mellow Life”

Stu Bangas “Grime Wave”

The Stuyvesants “Brooklyn’s Finest”

Ta-Ku “TRIBUTE: Dilla”

Ta-Ku & Haz’ presents June

Thriftworks “Hermetic Thriftology”

Trek Like & J.Bizness “Rhymes Within Reason EP Instrumentals”

Vlooper “Analog Love”

Willie Green “Red & Green”

Wizard “Beat Fanatic Batch”

Xperiment “Precipitation: The Soundcloud Collection”

Next Up: Dart presents A Gang Of Best Of 2010 Lists That Only I Give A Fuck About… Part Three (Top Non Hip Hop/R&B Albums Of 2010)


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January 5, 2011 at 9:58 am


Josef Zehetner January 2, 2011 at 6:32 am

Looks like i had a lot of free time this year because i know more of the intrumental projects then i thought. Good list and i agree with ranking Bonobo in that list.

Set Rule January 4, 2011 at 9:23 pm

Yes !! Blue Magic (Draft)

Mike Abb January 5, 2011 at 10:31 am

Beautiful list — many of my favs up here

DaiKatamy of Sol Precision Crew February 24, 2011 at 8:45 am

Dart, MASSIVE shout out for the props on here. On twitter I always appreciated your support. I’ll definitely hit you up with the new ish, got a project coming out in a month or so.

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