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Has-Lo Signs With Mello Music Group – New Album Announced

by Eric on January 6, 2011

Philadelphia producer and emcee Has-Lo has signed with MMG to release his newest concept album “In Case I Don’t Make It”. The project is a dark and layered album full of samples and melodic beats that fit together to form a cloudy and aggressive look at life on the edge. The new project is his crispest to date, but doesn’t lose its basement darkness. “When I signed to MMG it felt like all those years of saying “this is going to be the year” were over. I started officially living the dream the moment the ink dried, and the journey goes public when the album comes out,” said Has-Lo about the deal. Has-Lo has previously released the well received “Fuck Has Day” and “Small Metal Objects” which featured the emotive and raw “The Quiet Things”. “In Case I Don’t Make It” is scheduled for March 29th release.

“They say knowledge is power and love is wealth
And to get right for what you love you go through hell.”

The Has-Lo album is already receiving artistic praise from industry circles. Respected DC producer Oddisee commented, “Has-Lo’s music has such a familiar sound to it. It reels you in with his use of drum breaks & sample based production. Once his vocals come in, you quickly learn that this producer/mc is puting a beautiful new & dark twist to what we all know and love.” Eric Coons of the influential site Bloggerhouse stated, “Has-Lo’s storytelling on wax is so vivid and detailed that Slick Rick would crack a smile.” Additionally, MMG chief Michael Tolle added, “The project was one I decided to listen to, then it came on and I was silenced. I sat in the car listening from beginning to end twice – stunned at the beauty. I then went inside my home, called Has, had a 3 hour phone conversation, and signed him.” Has-Lo also has an instrumental album in the works for MMG entitled “The Fictitious Laboratorium of…” that is due for 3rd quarter release.

“I make pussycat rap acts boogie and dash
Like I’m dog the bookie, I bully a track.”

The first MMG favorite from Has-Lo’s catalog is “The Quiet Things”, a melancholy yet live joint that delves into a troubled relationship. The second track is a recent one Has-Lo contributed to “Helpless Dreamer”. It is a hip hop/Noir tale titled “Black Rose” that unravels in a ballroom during a thunderstorm amidst clinking glasses and laughter. The song is a concept piece that pushes narrative storytelling to a new level, combining the best of emceeing with the best of the hard-boiled noir detective genre, all set to an ill laid back beat.

Hit the jump to scoop up both of ‘em!!

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Mello January 6, 2011 at 11:27 pm

People Need to Get Ready! This album is amazing!

jrrider January 8, 2011 at 12:15 am

Cannot wait to here him over some apollo!!!g/l

OddKnowledge January 8, 2011 at 7:27 am

This will be GOOD!

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