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IMAKEMADBEATS – Self-Titled Compilation LP (Review/ B-House Approved)

by Eric on January 7, 2011

IMAKEMADBEATS, a clever moniker, no doubt. The afro, the mythical persona and most importantly, the beats.  Most recently tagged as one of URB’s “10 Awesome New Beat Makers”, the Memphis (this ain’t no Three 6 Mafia) resident also released the “Daylight”/ “Nightlight” EPs last month with the assistance of fellow Doxside Music Group(ers) as a precursor to the grand finale, the “IMAKEMADBEATS” self-titled compilation.  Set to drop on January 18th, I’ve been hounding the man also know as “Nemo” or “Young Neem Triple Beam” for an advance of the LP, ever since sampling the infamous Vimeo video (titled “In Motion”) which gave us a brief taste of the Black Milk, Butta Verses, MidaZ The Beast, TzariZM collabo, “Heard Of Me”.  Oh, and speaking of “Heard Of Me”, I’ll share a little secret with you, you’ll want to cop the digital bonus undoubtedly, you’ll understand why on January 18th…trust me!  Also, unmentioned is the Bloggerhouse/Doxside compilation, “Dare Iz A Doxside” prior to the release of the aforementioned EPs.  So, am I partial to the Doxside family?  Hell yeah!  It’s hard to root against the likes of IMAKEMADBEATS, MidaZ, TzariZM, Vis Major, Butta Verses, J. Freedome, etc., especially when they’re churning out some of the dopest product in Hip Hop on what seems like a monthly basis!  I’m proud of the connect that we’ve established with Doxside and I’m even prouder of this release from IMAKEMADBEATS, you really haven’t heard nuthin’ yet!  Prepare to be blown away on January 18th!!

Compilation LPs are a difficult task to pull off with admirable results.  More often than not, compilation LPs are a mixture of emcees that deliver uneven product with no obvious cohesiveness in any way, shape or form.  With features from notables such as Magestik Legend (“Are You Ready” and “The Clapz”), Hezekiah on the anthemic “What’s It Gonna’ Be”, Planet Asia on the swarming (literally, when I heard the backdrop I envisioned a pack of swarming bees surrounding Asia in the booth), the aforementioned Black Milk and Steele (Smif N Wessun) on the hefty “Revenge NYC”, it would be understandable, if not expected that the lyricism and personalities of these emcees could make the production somewhat of an afterthought, not the case.  Matter of fact, this IS IMAKEMADBEATS’ album and no disrespect to any of the above mentioned participants but the lyrics quickly became somewhat of an afterthought upon the first few listens to the LP, the production is undeniable, unpredictable and unmatched in Hip Hop nowadays.

IMAKEMADBEATS’ production format, style, technique, whatever you wanna’ call it is unclassifiable.  To quote the Wu, there really is “no Father to his (production) style.  To expound, there really isn’t anyone quite like him out there doin’ it right now.  From the “Pease Porridge Hot”-esque (see: “De La Soul Is Dead”), Magestik Legend and Lenny Williams-helmed “Clapz” to the “Rockyish”, “Git Up, Git Out” motivator the Hezekiah, Keziah and Thomas Clay-assisted “What’s It Gonna’ Be?”, all the way to the “God Lives Through” (see: “Midnight Marauders”)  vibes of “365″ (featuring Illustrate of Grey Matter, R.U.G.G.E.D., Ryan G and TzariZM, whom, has really thrown me for a loop lyrically as of late, dude is absolutely slayin’ ‘ish!), IMAKEMADBEATS effortlessly bounces from composition to composition with a many flavors as Dr. Pepper!  Point blank, Nemo has put his foot down, even if unintended as to say: “if you where sleepin’ up until now, HERE I AM, I HAVE OFFICIALLY ARRIVED!”

As expected the Doxside imprint is all over this LP, J Freedome (who also handles the task of narrator, all the while coaxing IMAKEMADBEATS to transform from machine to human throughout the clever interludes sprinkled throughout), TzariZM, Synopse, Butta Verses and last but certainly not least, MidaZ all delivery highlight reel worthy lyrical performances via the likes of “Heard Of Me”, the haunting “Corporate and Gomorrah”, “The Same” and the album’s title cut.  Speaking of the title cut, lemme’ just state, in  ’07 my track of the year was the Blue Scholars instant classic “Loyalty”.  In 2008 the Evidence/Alchemist/Fashawn heatrock, “The Far Left” took the belt.  In 2009 it was Finale’s ode to Dilla “Paid Homage” and last year Astronote and LMNO took top honors with “The Opening Statement”.  However, good luck to you Hip Hop, try and unseat the narrative, insightful title cut, “IMAKEMADBEATS” as the top cut of 2011 as it’s remained in rotation for a good, umm…61 plays since Wednesday evening on my Ipod.

“IMAKEMADBEATS” finds MidaZ posing lyrically as IMAKEMADBEATS as he recollects his journeys and words of wisdom he’s been the beneficiary of  in the production game to date.  The instrumental for this track is breath taking, inspiring and bound to generate a few goosebumps as a wailing vocal sample is cleverly placed atop a BOOMING drum kick and escalating bassline.  To quote the elegant words of one MidaZ The Beast, this track is “more exciting that pipin’ Pam Grier in the rear”! Also, by now you’ve probably peeped the debut single from the album, “I Bet” and tell me that track couldn’t be anymore tailor-made for Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea?

In closing, “IMAKEMADBEATS” is, simply put, my “Gas Mask” of 2011! Well, that is, until Has-Lo’s “In Case I Don’t Make It” officially drops March 29th, then the two can split the honors, LOL. I’m not even jokin’ you, the respective LPs are THAT good. However, let’s concentrate on IMAKEMADBEATS in the interim, dude is a production genius, and what’s most scary, he’s only scratching the surface, in my opinion. With an on-point selection of features, well placed interludes and most importantly, flawless sequencing, you won’t want this LP to end! I’ve been throwing the term “classic” around loosely lately (most recently, “Gas Mask” and “Nineteen Ninety Now”), but you tell me what’s up on January 18th. I assure you, my assumptions are pretty damn accurate and “IMAKEMADBEATS” is one physical album you won’t regret scooping up!

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