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The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live (1.13.11 Full Show Tracklisting & D/L/Streaming Links)

by Staff on January 15, 2011

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live: The Chanes & Jansport J Interview Edition (1.13.2011) Tracklisting

Chanes “Intro (167 Clap)” off “Basement Classics” [Bandcamp]

Peace Of Mind “2faraway” [EXCLUSIVE]

Black Milk “7” [EXCLUSIVE]

Black Milk “11” [EXCLUSIVE]

Kon Sci “Paws” [EXCLUSIVE]

Jansport J “The Spirit Moves” off “Save My Soul” [Bandcamp/The Soul Dojo]

Jansport J “Forever” off “Save My Soul” [Bandcamp/The Soul Dojo]

Datahowler “Prophet” off the upcoming LP “Slowdrifter”

J-Live “No Time To Waste” off the upcoming LP “S.P.T.A.”

Hell Cassell (Vandalyzm x Marv Won x Nameless) “Killstreak” [Producers I Know/Tumblr]

M Slago f/The Rapture , Dow Jones & Word Life “Stripes” off the upcoming EP “Rampage EP”

Dylan Thomas “Kenya Digi” off “Stevie’s Soul Sounds” [Bandcamp]

Dylan Thomas “Up Strong” off “Stevie’s Soul Sounds” [Bandcamp]

Naïve (Producers I Know) “Abbot Black” [EXCLUSIVE]

Jeekay (Producers I Know) “Summer Madness” [EXCLUSIVE]

Dockmini (Producers I Know) “Week 3” [EXCLUSIVE]

Chanes f/Marv Won, Moe Dirdee & Miz Korona “It’s Goin’ Down” off “Basement Classics” [Bandcamp]

Kev Brown “Rap Convention” off “Open Mic Knight” [Bandcamp]

Gangrene (The Alchemist & Oh No) f/Raekwon “Gutter Water” off “Gutter Water” [Decon/Amazon/iTunes]

Brutal Music (Stu Bangas & Vanderslice) “Ring Music” off “Beats For Rap” [Producers I Know/Bloggerhouse]

Falside “Your First Kill” off “Fall, Stand The F*ck Up” [Internet]

The Stuyvesants “Soul & Tell” off “Brooklyn’s Finest” [Bandcamp]

Tzarizm & Midaz The Beast “Clash Of The Titans” off “Dare Iz A Doxside” [Bloggerhouse]

Ghostface Killah f/Raekwon, Method Man & Redman “Troublemakers” off “Apollo Kids” [Def Jam/Amazon/iTunes]

D-Man “The Magician” [EXCLUSIVE & THE CLOSER]

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