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Dumbatron! Don’t Forget the Name….

by Travis on January 18, 2011

Who is Dumbatron you ask? Well for those of you that have been following Trav, errr I mean me, you should very well know the name Paten Locke and Willie Evans Jr. The Duval Duo, The Partners in Funk, or better yet just Dumbatron, a new group effort by Paten and Willie. I’ve known about this for quite awhile and if you read Paten’s interview from 2009, you’d heard about it then. Oh yeah, if you checked out Mr. Lif’s I Heard It Today, you would have been clued in too, dummy.

Despite all that, the two will be performing on Feb 6th, and you can catch them live on The Nerdy South (check the jump for the link)….Also check out the old school vibe they have in a video, which is doooooope….Hell yeah, Dumbatron comin’ right and exact for the Twenty Eleven, you suckas….

Paten Locke and Willie Evans Jr. will be streaming a live performance at on 2/6/11. With Paten Locke on the wheels and Willie Evans Jr. on the video chops, they demonstrate what you can expect in the show. A donation to the site get you access to the live stream in addition to a download of a pre recorded version of the performances. Tad Fresh and Tronny T are…DUMBTRON!

Yes folks! We’re excited to kick off what we hope will be the first in a series. The one and only Dumbtron (Paten Locke and Willie Evans Jr.) will be performing live in The Nerdy South Arena! To see the show, all you have to do is

Donate to the site

A donation will get you:

* A password sent to your inbox on 2/6/11 that will allow you to view the live show.
* A download of a pre-recorded version of performances from Willie Evans Jr. and Paten Locke

* The satisfaction of knowing that you were part of history (okay that’s a little presumptuous but, even as a joke, doesn’t it make you feel all tingly in the gut?)

*Be sure to tell us what email address to send the password to when you make the donation. You also have the option to make a donation without leaving somewhere to send the password to but hey, what fun would that be?!?!?

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