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Serge Severe – Severe over Premier Mixtape

by Travis on January 20, 2011

The Severe Over Premier Mixtape is a combination of Serge Severe spitting bars over some of his favorite DJ Premier instrumentals, all mixed by DJ Wels (Style Molesters/Animal Fam). There are no recreations of songs but rather a constant flow of beats and rhymes simulating a cypher session with guest emcees Al one of Sandpeople, Sole Provida and Fluent of Level Headed, and Gen.Erik of Animal Farm. This mixtape is a FREE download and serves as an appetizer for Severe’s soon-to-be released album “Back On My Rhymes”.

The Severe over Premier Mixtape can be downloaded at:

Serge Severe is a Portland mic-slayer on a mission. He is one of the most well-rounded, multi-dimensional MCs in the Northwest, possessing a formidable stage presence, strong song-writing skills, and ferocious freestyle ability. He has shared stages with Hip Hop heavyweights, Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Goodie Mob, Dead Prez and many more. He has been praised in Okayplayer and URB Magazine’s Next 1000 Column, which called Serge’s music “…a brand of lyricism and humor that are downright Ghostface-esque… Serge is a true wordsmith that isn’t afraid to be himself.”

Serge Severe and Universal DJ Sect have combined forces once again to drop their latest album “Back On My Rhymes”, available in March 2011 through Focused Noise. Severe mixes his razor sharp flow over Sect’s soulful and funky hard hitting production. This time around they effortlessly incorporate some of the Northwest’s best emcees like Braille, Cool Nutz, Illmaculate, Theory Hazit, Luck One, Destro of Boom Bap Project, and Gen.Erik of Animal Farm. Their last album, “Concrete Techniques” was received with great praise from fans and reviewers alike, and was named as one of the top Albums in 2008 by and

Serge is also the newest member of Animal Farm, who’s new album “Culture Shock” features Talib Kweli, DJ Rob Swift, and Abstract Rude, and will be available in April 2011 through Focused Noise.

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