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The Left – The Melody (MP3)

by Eric on January 25, 2011

Detroit group The Left, comprised of producer Apollo Brown, DJ Soko, and Journalist 103, whose album Gas Mask took many honors (including placement on DJ Premier’s Best of 2010 List) at the end of 2010 with it’s hard hitting album “Gas Mask”, is back at it, releasing another single entitled “The Melody”.

The track leads off with a soul sample urging liteners to “just listen to the melody” before the drums kick in and strings wistfully announce The Left. Journalist 103 begins unraveling a tale of devotion and love while explaining the hardships faced trying to maintain an art, a career, and a relationship. “When the world starts to rain and thunder / You the bridge of support that I go and seek shelter under / From cold winters to the hot summer’s / You’re the love that I cherish indeed it aint no need to wonder.” The song operates on many levels both literally and metaphorically while it continues it’s melodic swing and Journalist details his blessings even in the apparent midst of strife.

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