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Curly Castro – Winston’s Appeal

by Travis on February 1, 2011

Live from Philly, it’s Curly Castro. You may be familiar with Curly Castro if you follow Zilla Rocca much. His latest album, sponsored by Rock The Dub and Three Dollar Pistol, just dropped. Winston’s Appeal is some straight up beats and rhymes type of shit. I’m still getting my bearing on the project, but I found myself pumping “Flatbush and Church” which gave me the feeling of listening to a track from a Boogie Down Production album, circa 1988. All in all though, it’s a solid project that will get some more spins from me in the beginning.

Check the teaser and download the album on bandcamp….

From Curly Castro:

After recently finishing my soon-to-be-released Album “Winston’s Appeal”. Finally…

I had an epiphany…promo shtuff!!!. Lol.
This is my newest Single- TeenAger/ Wise. TeenAger (prod. by Green Lidget Position) is the A-side, Wise (prod. by Ta’raach) is the b-side, whatever that means anymore.

Finally out for public consumption is Curly Castro‘s Winston’s Appeal. This Philly by way of Flatbush MC has been rockin’ with cats like Zilla Rocca and DJ Ambush, but blesses the masses with what I might consider a proper introduction to his cipher. Cas weaved a weed-scented quilt full of real life, braggadocio, eulogies for Uncle L and some ill stories over beats by a bevy of producers (Zilla Rocca, C-Rock, Margel Overton of Sela, DJ Xclusive and more) alongside some equipped MCs (Ethel Cee, Jawnzap7 and more). It’s a sick album to drink something to, smoke something to and just let play. Heavy mental shit.


This project is presented by Three Dollar Pistol and Rock The Dub.

The download also includes the video for “Da Ingredients”.

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