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by Travis on February 3, 2011

“Forties” was shot in Lindenhurst, Long Island where I grew up. It was a fun shoot. We basically hung out for a day (Scott, myself and my childhood friend Charlie Nails), they drunk 40′s and we got into the type of mischief we would have as teens in Long Island, except this time as grown men with Shaka King and Elena Greenlee filming it. I feel they did an amazing job capturing the mood of the song as well as my teenage years in Long Island.

The video was directed and edited by Shaka King (who I first collaborated with on the Iller Than Theirs video for “Razor Bumps”). Camera by Elena Greenlee. Titles by Patrick DeVine.

The song is from the Tone Tank & Scott Thorough album “Scott & Tone” (2010 Modern Shark).

Check out the Scott & Tone album @:

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