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What’s New In Dart’s iPod #26 AKA WORKINONIT! © Dilla

by Staff on February 5, 2011

You may be wondering where I was for the past month on this site or why I haven’t posted a new review blog yet. The simple answer is that after “What’s New In Dart’s iPod #25″ and the “Best Of 2010″ lists I’m pretty sure I hyperextended my brain. Rather than have me sit here and review 50 fuckin’ albums which would wreak havoc on my already injured psyche I’d much rather list all of the projects I currently feel are worth our reader’s attention from the past six weeks. This way you get what you want and I get to keep what’s left of my sanity by avoiding forcing myself to listen to French Montana & Lil’ B. Here goes:

Laelo Hood “Fuck The World” 1.4.2011

Dimlite “My Human Wears Acedia Shreds EP” 1.4.2011

Kev Brown “Open Mic Knight” 1.6.2011

Chanes “Basement Classics” 1.11.2011

Freeway & Statik Selektah “The Statik Free EP” 1.11.2011

Roddy Rod “The Bluntpark Sessions 1.2″ 1.11.2011

Dylan Thomas “Stevie’s Soul Sounds” 1.11.2011


Jansport J “Save My Soul” 1.18.2011

Madlib “Medicine Show No. 11: Low Budget Hi Fi Music” 1.18.2011

Adele “21″ 1.19/24.2011 (2.22.2011)

Clan Destined “Self Titled” 1.22.2011

Mndsgn “StatikMumblin” 1.22.2011

Talib Kweli “Gutter Rainbows” 1.25.2011

JC Poppe “Tea Party” & “Shadowlands” 1.25.2011

Trackademicks “State Of The Arts” 1.25.2011

Datahowler “Slowdrifter” 1.25.2011

Vandalyzm “Bitch Im’Mis Talented” 1.30.2011

Dibiase “Sound Palace” 1.31.2011

Buck 65 “20 Odd Years” 1.31.2011

Soulful! “Mumbo Sauce And Drumbreaks” 1.31.2011

Wizard “That Work” 1.31.2011

Random & Lost Perception “Black Materia” 1.31.2011

Fortilive “I vs. I” 1.31.2011

The Insane Warrior (RJD2) “We Are The Doorways” 2.1.2011

Ayatollah “Fingertips” 2.1.2011

Kayoz (Kaytradamus x Munoz) “Kayoz EP” 2.1.2011

M Slago x The Rapture, Dow Jonez, Word Life & Money Stax “Rampage EP” 2.1.2011

James Blake “James Blake” 2.4/7.2011

For any other jawns or beat tapes that you don’t see here, hit up my other site Producers I Know.


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