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#illRaps No. 5 “Means The World” featuring F.A.B.L.E., Neak, Rashid Hadee, SLOT-A, Sincerely Yours, Mike Schpitz and Nida Nash

by Travis on February 8, 2011

5th installment of the #illRaps Series entitled, “Means The World,” w/ F.A.B.L.E. (@ForeverFable), Neak (@Neak_Undefined), Rashid Hadee (@RashidHadee), Slot-A (@IAMSLOTA), Sincerely Yours (@sinceninesix), Mike Schpitz (@MikeSchpitz), and NidaNasheeda (@NidaSound). We really enjoyed making this record; as we touched on ideas and topics that has become accustomed to our culture, lifestyle, and the mindset and Hip-Hop today.

Download Means The World

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