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Sinitus Tempo – Soul Eater EP

by Travis on February 8, 2011

That dude Sinitus Tempo is at it again. If you don’t know who this cat is by now, then you don’t read Bloggerhouse much. I’ve been pushing this DC cat steadily since him and his emcee, Obii Say dropped the best “out of no where” album of 2010, with Vinyl Proxy 1965. Sinitus is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers out there do it right now.

He is back with another EP, based on anime, which is my thing, but you don’t have to be into anime to enjoy the soulful and funky instrumentals that Sinitus Tempo crafts together. Someone needs to sign these cats like yesterday….

Check The EP after the jump….

1. Welcome to the DWMA 00:59
2. First Encounter 02:29
3. Kishin Eggs 02:29
4. Meister and Weapon 02:36
5. Excalibur (fools) 00:57
6. Screaming Sword 02:46
7. Soul Resonance 03:09
8. Medusa 02:46
9. Words Of A Madman 00:20
10. god vs. god 02:21
11. Own Path 02:52
12. Asura 00:39
13. Courage 02:53
14. End of it All 01:56

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