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What’s New In Dart’s iPod #27 AKA The Coldest Winter © Kanye West

by Staff on February 27, 2011

As we all know I damn near killed myself last year when I used to listen to and review every single album that dropped. It turns out that practice was physically as well as mentally detrimental to myself. Remember that episode of “The Boondocks” when Huey Freeman forced himself to watch BET for an entire weekend? Take that and multiply it by 10. That was me after sitting through a marathon of Gucci Mane, Lil’ Boosie and Waka Flocka Flame. Never again. There’s no way I’ll ever subject myself to that kind of horror. I was lucky to survive listening to that Kelis album, I’d rather do parkour 50 stories up in the rain wearing clogs than to ever to something that foolhardy ever again in life.

That being the case, what I’ve instead decided to do rather than waste time writing about how much I abhored listening to music that it was already 90% likely I’d hate from jump, I’d much rather post up all of the albums that dropped recently that I heard and I think my readers might actually enjoy or they should at least check out. Without any further ado I’d like to highlight the projects I think deserve some shine that dropped since the first week of February (where my last post left off):

DJ Revolution presents Malcolm  And Martin “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me…” 2.1.2011

Chief “Drone Beats & Electric Waves” 2.1.2011

City Slickers “Smokin’ Cigarettes & Tellin’ Lies” 2.1.2011

Rewd Adams “Rewd Awakening” 2.5.2011

Nameless “Adobe Dillastrator CS1″ 2.7.2011

Al Quetz AKA Quetzal “Drums Come From Africa” 2.8.2011

Maverick “The First Step” 2.8.2011

Dirty Art Club “Heavy Starch” 2.8.2011

Esta “Real. Live. Sh*t” 2.10.2011

Long Arm “The Branches” 2.11.2011

Blu “Amnesia EP” 2.14.2011

The 1978ers “G.I.R.L” 2.14.2011

Ill Poetic “Marvin Gaye & Pink Floyd: Requiem For A Dream” 2.14.2011

Saigon “The Greatest Story Never Told” 2.15.2011

Meyhem Lauren “Self Induced Illness” 2.15.2011

Kaimbr & Kev Brown “Alexander Green” 2.15.2011

East Coast Avengers present DC The Midi Alien “Avengers Airwaves” 2.15.2011

Aspect One “Black History” 2.15.2011

Pierre Anckaert Trio vs. Monkey Robot “74 Miles Away” 2.18.2011

Jeeks “Arcade EP” 2.18.2011

Adele “21″ 2.22.2011

Apollo Brown “Clouds” 2.22.2011 (iTunes)/3.1.2011

Strong Arm Steady “Arms & Hammers” 2.22.2011

Finest Ego “New Zealand/Australian Beatmaker Compilation” 2.25.2011

Eric Lau “Quadrivium” 2.25.2011

ST/MiC “Solar March” 2.25.2011

Vaughn Garcia “No 2 Pint Talkin’” 2.27.2011

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jrrider February 28, 2011 at 10:49 am

lmao. Good read. And smokin cigarettes and telling lies has to be the funniest album title I have ever seen.

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