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Newness: Third Rail (Aarophat, D-Strong & Wildelux) – Politics

by Eric on March 28, 2011

The Third Rail movement can best be described with one word,FUSION. Different forces combined to form a single source of energy. The end result is power in its many manifestations. In transportation,a third rail propels trains. Musically, D Strong, Wildelux (pronouncedWill Deluxe) & Aarophat come together for the formation of a groupcalled Third Rail, a new power source for the progression of real Hip-Hop. Hailing from Los Angeles CA, The Bronx NYC & Youngstown OH respectively; individually these three emcees have built names and reputations for themselves that extend worldwide. D Strong is fresh from the success of his 2010 EP “Get Off The Playground”, a collaborative effort with Prince Po, one-half of the legendary duo Organized Konfusion. Wildelux steps in with the strength of his 2009 LP “The WDX Misc Files” which was a compilation of rare and unreleased tracks. Aarophat is back again from the acclaimed 2009 release “The Black Noise LP”, a group effort with producer Illastrate. Each emcee has brought long time followings to the table for the merging of sounds set to restore the grimy side of Hip-Hop. Their new LP “Politics” refers to the term Third Rail Politics, which are extremely controversial issues.

Hit the jump to peep the rawness, with production from Apatight, Jeekay, C Dubb, D Baby Kai, Zitro (of The Audiologists), Jon Phonics, Flinny 5000, Tone Beatz & Scarecrow. It’s a return to the dirty dungeons that propelled the music for over two decades. The
realness is back!

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Vincent March 29, 2011 at 3:50 am

When is this album coming out?

Eric March 29, 2011 at 9:05 am


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