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Mini-Review: North Scientifik-Building (Bloggerhouse Approved!)

by Eric on March 31, 2011

I know the Bloggerhouse family has been somewhat “sluggish” as of late, back in December, when we ran our “Bandcamp’s Best Of The Week” series, the winner for the last week of the calender year was North Scientifik with their 30 track “LP” (I use LP loosely in this scenario), “Building”. I can remember skimming through the tracks via the crew’s BandCamp, only recently have I had the chance to lie my ass down on the couch with NBA2K11 on the  Xbox and “Building” in the headphones and I must say, this jawn is dooope!

Hailing from the great Northwest, Portland to be exact, North Scientifik is comprised of MC Serious George, producer 5th and DJ Outclass.  Again, while I’m hesitant to actually coin “Building” an album (30 tracks?) because it is also a collection of interludes and freestyles, “Building” is definitely an ode to the simpler days of Hip Hop, straight up beats and rhymes.  While the subject matter of Serious George can grow tiresome after a few listens, George is a competent emcee whose delivery is tailor-made for the boom-bap production of 5th.  Harmless and fun, George shines on tracks like the album’s opener and quite possibly best track, “Saturday Afternoon” and the neck-snapping “Push The Crowd”.  However, after about the 15th track the subject matter, or lack thereof, does become somewhat bland, thankfully the potent production from 5th saves the day.

Paying homage to the Golden era with obvious influences from Dilla, Pete Rock & The Ummah in tow, 5th fills “Building” to the rim with simplistic, well-placed samples and neck-brace-worthy drum slaps.  With echoing horns, filtered samples and bass heavy beats, 5th is definitely someone that I’d like to hear more from in the very near future.  However, the real star of the show, as much of an oddity as it may be anymore, is DJ Outclass whose cuts are as sharp as a Ginsu.  Piecing lyrical samples together in a manner rivaled only by the great DJ Premier, Outclass will have you rewinding “the hook” on many of the tracks as he elevates tracks like the aforementioned “Saturday Afternoon” to stellar status.

In closing, had “Building” been reduced to say…maybe, 15 cuts with some of the fat trimmed off around the edges, who knows just how far this release would go.  More appealing to old heads like myself, Dart, Jaz & Trav, “Building” may fly over the heads of the new youth listener.  Yet at only 5 bones, “Building” is a worthy purchase from a crew that I’m certain you’ll be getting familiarized with in the near future!  Hit the skip to preview and purchase “Building”.

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