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Bloggerhouse presents: 300 Slept On Tracks From The Last Decade (Dart’s Picks 81-100)

by Staff on April 3, 2011

I was supposed to finish this series back in November after my Bloggerhouse brethren finally caught up to me. Just one problem, Eric had 50 selections to go and Travis had 60 selections to go and they never caught up. I went through my clipboard and found my last 20 selections and decided to post them up before anyone else picked them. Here are my final 20 most slept on tracks of the past decade (2000-2009) and please keep in mind I could’ve gone to 300 by myself easily. Here goes:


81. Joe Budden “Old School Mouse” off “Mood Muzik 2″ (2006)

This Ron Browz produced banger was one of the first tracks off of a classic mixtape that helped build Joe Budden a devoted cult following of fans and stans. Back when Joe was constantly throwing rocks at the throne while Jay-Z was president at Def Jam. Lupe Fiasco, Young Jeezy, The Clipse & Joe Budden were all dropping what would be considered some of the greatest mixtapes ever around the same time.


82. Mr. Len f/Breeze Brewin & Jean Grae “Love Venom” off “Pity The Fool” (2001)

Mr. Len AKA Space Ghost cooks up an old “Little Johnny Frum The Hospitul” era sounding slap that Breeze Brewin of the Jugganots and Jean Grae straight up verbally murder. I don’t know how it’s possible cats don’t remember this track. I really don’t. You’re all lucky I’m willing to write these damb blogs @ 3 AM on a Sunday morning. You DO realize that, right? It also features a Lou Reed vocal sample from the classic animated film “Rock N’ Rule”. What’s not to love?


83. Skillz f/Freeway “Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know” off “The Million Dollar Backpack” (2008)

This song was criminally slept on. This album was criminally slept on. I remember reviewing it for Poisonous Paragraphs back in the day and being presently surprised by it. Too bad his last album sucked giraffe balls dipped in mumbo sauce while standing on a rickety ladder in Uggs tho…


84. eLZhi “The Transitional Joint (Glow)” off “EuroPass”/”The Preface” (2008)

Here’s what happened. In 2008, eLZhi of Slum Village (who some people believe is the best emcee currently alive on Earth) dropped a tour CD called “EuroPass” that hit the internet with the force of an atomic blast. Before the fallout radiation could even drop to somewhat tolerable levels to not be a danger to humans, eLZhi dropped his album “The Preface”. Some argue that “EuroPass” was better than “The Preface” but I think I gave them the same slot as the best album of 2008. In any event, this song was one both project. Jeebus! © Homer Simpson


85. Hell Razah “Millenium Warfare” off “Renaissance Child” (2007)

Hell Razah is one of the most underrated emcees of the past 15 years and this album has been slept on for far too long. Hell Razah over a Bronze Nazareth beat. What’s fuckin’ with that? Not a goddamn thing, that’s what…


86. Smif N’ Wessun “Toolz Of The Trade” off “Unreleased Rawkus LP”/”Smif N’ Wessun: Reloaded” (2002/2005)

The first time I ever heard Da Beatminerz produced “Toolz Of The Trade” was 2002, it was a B-side to one of the then Cocoa Brovaz Rawkus 12″s. The album never came out and ended up getting shelved. The project saw it’s way onto imported white labeled vinyl then later onto the internet. Not too long after the entire scrapped Rawkus album hit the web, Smif N’ Wessun had already dropped “Smif N’ Wessun: Reloaded” on Duck Down in 2005. This forgotten and now officially slept on gem was included.


87. J-Zone f/Masta Ace “Gimme Gimme Gimme” off “$ick Of Bein’ Rich” (2003)

J-Zone has been making ignant shit and misogyny on record sound hella good since 1998. Cop his entire discography and his book when he drops it. You won’t be disappointed.


88. Immortal Technique “Dance With The Devil” off “Revolutionary Vol. 1″ (2001)

For those that remember, there were very few actively political emcees around after 9/11 happened and none of them were going to get a deal with a major. Go back and listen to Killarmy’s “Fear, Love & War” which dropped 9.11.2011 and tell me you didn’t immediately know they weren’t going to be on a major past that album given the subject matter. That being the case, Immortal Technique dropped “Revolutionary Vol. 1″ days after the attacks when most folks were keeping mum on that political shit for fear of reprisal. Not him. Not ever. Salute.


89. Pace Won & Mr. Green “Children Sing” off “The Only Color That Matters Is Green” (2008)

Pace Won & Mr. Green’s “The Only Color That Matters Is Green” album is so slept on that it sometimes makes me angry. This song should’ve been huge but being that it’s an underground Hip Hop jawn we already knew what was gonna happen going in. What a goddamn shame…


90. Cormega “Rap’s A Hustle” off “The Realness” (2001)

Cormega x Ayatollah = Classic material. I remember when my boy over at Landspeed Records first played this song for me a decade ago. I still love this song and I have every Cormega album imaginable. Ayatollah’s too…


91. Aceyalone & RJD2 “Disconnected” off “Magnificent City” (2006)

Aceyalone is one of my favorite all time emcees in the history of Earth. I still feel that the most talented collection of emcees top to bottom in Hip hop history bar for bar and delivery wise was without a doubt the Freestyle Fellowship. I have quite a few Aceyalone albums and I remember I hadn’t been blogging for too long when this album dropped. I’ll never forget the first time I heard “Disconnected”, though…


92. The Clipse f/ The Re Up Gang “Cross The Border” off “We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1″ (2004)

Why were these mixtapes considered classics? Because it was almost as if the Re Up Gang abused each beat to the point when you heard the original songs all you could think of was how they completely murdered it and you considered the beat theirs now. I had this mixtape in my first ever iPod Nano back in 2005. Seems so long ago now…

93. Visionaries “If You Can’t Say Love” off “Pangaea” (2004)

I remember hearing this song everywhere underground Hip Hop was being played and it stood out for all the other hardcore, aggressive nihilistic shit I typically heard around that same time. Cats would just throw it on in the middle of those sets and not one person would object or complain. I remember seeing this video pop up On Demand on Comcast not too long afterwards. It stayed on for a long ass time, too. The message is timeless…


94. 9th Wonder & Buckshot  “Ain’t No Comparison” off “Chemistry” (2005)

This album was my shit and that track is bananas. Not enough heads bring it up. I’ll do it, then…


95. Buff1 “For U” off “Pure” (2007)

I’ll never forget reading that the Lab Techs who were also part of Athletic Mic League were handling the production duties for Buff1′s “Pure”. I bought the album on iTunes and put it into my old beat up iPod Nano and the entire album blew me away but I put this track on repeat for 30 minutes straight. It’s called “For U”. I found out that Travis @ WYDU & Eric @ WTR both loved this track, too. In late 2009, we decided to merge our blogs together. Go figure, right?


96. Mos Def “Ghetto Rock” off “The New Danger” (2004)

This album was polarizing because folks wanted Mos Def to stop singing and abandon his Black Jack Johnson side project. I didn’t agree. I thought this album was dope. Still do, obviously.


97. Invincible “Sledgehammer!” off “Shapeshifters” (2008)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Invincible’s “Shapeshifters” was/is one of the best albums of the past decade. Lyrically, thematically and sonically it’s pretty much a flawless project. Find it. Buy it. I have nothing more to say…


98. Diamond District “Streets Won’t Let Me Chill” off “In The Ruff” (2009)

This album is a classic. don’t give me that “It hasn’t been out long enough” bullshit speil, man. I KNOW classic Hip Hop when I hear it. I knew what it sounded like then. I know what it sounds like now. Don’t test my ears, muhfuckas. Just read these words, let them sink in, nod your heads and accept it. “In The Ruff” is a classic. This song is a classic. Cop it. Moving! © Katt Williams


99. Murs “Please Leave” off “The End Of The Beginning” (2003)

Murs and Oh No contributed a banger to this Def Jux album that I first heard at a time I really needed to hear it. People don’t really mention this song too often when they bring up Murs’ career. They rarely discuss it when they mention Oh No’s production as well so this is the textbook definition of a slept on track.


100. Baatin “Marvelous” /”Magic” off “Marvelous”/”Magic” (2007)

There was this 12″ imported from Poland back in 2007 featuring Baatin over two insane Black Milk beats. They were both to be featured on his upcoming Operation Unknown LP “Titus” along with 2 songs he did with Noel Zancanella  the previous year and a bunch of the songs that were up on his MySpace at the time. The album is still unreleased to this day and all these song make me do is wonder ‘What if?”. RIP Baatin. Slum Village forever.

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