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[PIK] DON’T SLEEP: Christoph El’ Truento “Wednesday EP” & “Panda Hat EP” [INSTRUMENTAL PROJECTS]

by Staff on April 9, 2011

The first time I ever heard any Christoph El’ Truento slaps was back in early 2009 when I was researching producers to profile for Poisonous Paragraphs. Back then there weren’t any Bandcamp, or pages (I miss Muxtape & imeem). Folks were uploading zip files onto the internet promoted through blogs & their MySpace pages. I was actually tipped off about Christoph via a comment on Strictly Beats where I downloaded two of his instrumental releases “Pretty Butterflies” & “I Wanna Write A Book One Day…But For Now…”. Later on, I also downloaded his “Homemade Shit” project and loved it.

I was impressed with what I heard and I had arranged to do 150 producer profiles the next year on Bloggerhouse starting in June (25 profiles a month) until we started the Scrunchface Show in May 2010 & I was given Producers I Know in 2010 by Jay Large & FWMJ. I know present to you all Christoph El’ Truento’s “Wednesday EP” & “Panda Hat EP” via his Bandcamp page. Enjoy.


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