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by Staff on April 13, 2011

It’s finally official. eLZhi’s long awaited opus “ELMATIC” finally has a release date, May 10th, 2011. There are many of you that are completely oblivious as to why this announcement alone is a big deal. Well, you need to thank God that the post you’re reading is written by Dart Adams. First off, eLZhi is arguably the best living emcee on planet Earth. Secondly, the conscious world (those that are the illuminated blessed with knowledge, not to be confused with the Illuminati) knows that between Hex Murda, House Shoes, FWMJ & myself we’ve been waiting on eLZhi to complete “ELMATIC” for years now. YEARS, B!.

We’d all but given up hope in seeing it get released by the time Fashawn dropped his “Ode To Illmatic” project last summer. House Shoes spoke of the frustration involved in trying to to get eLZhi to finish “ELMATIC” sooner but Fashawn was able to get his out first. We wondered if we’d still even hear a completed version of “ELMATIC” before “The Greatest Story Never Told” or “Detox” dropped. Then just recently something happened, eLZhi dropped a “bonus track” for ELMATIC via Rappers I Know followed by the news that “ELMATIC” was forthcoming via a tweet from House Shoes in the early morning hours of April 6th. Almost 2 years after first hearing those snippets of “The Genesis”, “ELMATIC” was a finished product.

From all that have heard it, it’s fuckin’ incredible. Keep your eyes peeled and your head on a swivel, B. eLZhi. “ELMATIC”. 5.10.11. Thank your preferred deity of choice.


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Hump Jones April 13, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I would agree that Elzhi is objectively one of the best living rappers. This album actually getting a release date is huge. 2011 has been a truly fucking awesome year for hip hop…already.

Josef Zehetner April 14, 2011 at 4:02 am

Huge News! And i totally agree that elzhi is the best!

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