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Diamond In The Rough: Brass Tracks’ – “Ice Breaker Classic/ Hidden Insight” 12″

by Eric on April 20, 2011

“Ice Breaker Classic”

“Hidden Insight”

So, as of late, I’ve been enraptured with all these “mixes” that I’ve been compiling for the good readers of Bloggerhouse. However, the one “mix” that I’m truly amped about is the forthcoming “Bloggerhouse presents: The Backpack ESSENTIALS”, which is currently 77 deep and I’m working on getting to 200, which is quite a task in itself.  For one, the sound quality of many tracks is sub-par, being that quite a handful of the MP3′s have been vinyl rips.  Regardless, I’d be fooling you if I said it wasn’t a fun task or a pleasure digging up many of the gems that have been buried amongst the depths of my hard drive(s).

The one single that has really garnered my attention over the last two weeks is this 1996 release from Canadian collective Brass Tracks.  Originally released on little known label Star Point Tactics, “Ice Breaker Classic/ Hidden Insight” was eventually bootlegged pretty heavily in Japan in 2009, thus the moderate popularity amongst underground headz over the last few years. Produced by Wall and Steel, both of the aforementioned singles feature airy, bass heavy, “Beatminerz’ in their heyday” production that is extremely pleasing to the eardrums, yet laced with effective verses and wordplay from the Brass Tracks conglomerate. Little else is known, at least on my behalf, regarding Brass Tracks so any additional input would be greatly appreciated. But this goodie was just to much of a gem to keep quiet, ENJOY!!!

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