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Masta Ace Demos….

by Travis on April 20, 2011

It’s a well known fact that I’m a HUGE Masta Ace fan, a stan, fanboy, whatever you want to call me, I’ll admit to them all. Being the large “stan” that I am, I thought I’ve heard most of the Ace stuff out there. Well, this past week, not one, not two, but three unreleased Masta Ace (or Master Ace as he was known when these were made) have leaked onto the net.

The first is “Howard Park”, which Ace verified is one of his first demos on twitter (yes, everyone is on there these days it seems). It sounds like something you might hear on Take A Look Around…, which means it’s quality. I’m assuming it’s produced by Marley Marl, since he said Marley had it but didn’t want to bug him to look for it. It’s from a Mr. Magic radio show, which is provided to us by Will C. on his blog. The second track is also from a Mr. Magic radio show as well.

Will C. on Facebook

Will C. Blog

Download both tracks here

The third track is from the fine gentlemen at Diggers with Gratitude, which I found on their twitter feed, but never saw it on the site itself. It’s called “Sold Out”, and I don’t have much info on this either, but it’s dope as well. Again, thanks to the DWG crew for the song and link…

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