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What’s New In Dart’s iPod #29 AKA Never No More! © Souls Of Mischief

by Staff on May 1, 2011

I clearly need to change the name of this feature. Mind you, I first came up with this feature way back in August 2007 after Statik Selektah gave me a couple of CD’s and I said I’d review them. I’ve reviewed thousands of mixtapes, EP’s & LP on both Poisonous Paragraphs and Bloggerhouse between August 2007 and December 2010 before the sheer volume of submissions combined with me overdoing it by reviewing far too many major label releases  combined with my new independent A&R duties made me have to ultimately stop doing reviews.

Given my added responsibilities with Producers I Know, the return of the Scrunchface Show, my pieces at Bastard Swordsman and me taking over the majority of posting here on Bloggerhouse for the time being I just can’t sit down and listen to 100+ projects each month THEN write reviews of them anymore. It’s just a fact.

I figured by at least posting an end of month recap I could keep the feature alive. Judging by the email responses and comments I’ve received from readers from January on until now it’s time I change it. That being the case, I’m going to change the name of this feature but I’m going to continue doing it. I simply need to recap all the music I feel is worth checking out at the end of every month. With all that said, RIP What’s New In Dart’s iPod…Kevin Nottingham can just wait a year to steal the name of whatever I call this (which he actually jacked from 2DopeBoyz):


Kan Kick “Seeing Spirits EP” 3.8.2011


Ta-Ku “Beat Sketches Vol. 1″ 3.8.2011


Jeremiah Jae “Rappayamantara” 3.21.2011


Nangdo “Lost Beats 2001-2006″ 3.23.2011


Jon Laine “MIV” 3.29.2011


Maticulous “The Maticulous EP” 3.29.2011


Ta-Ku “24″ 4.1.2011


Beat Butcha “Bandcamp Exclusives” 4.1.2011


Abjo “Abjo Loves Japan” 4.2.2011


Konstrukt “Rhythm Base 2 (Special Edition)” 4.3.2011


Daedelus “Bespoke” 4.4.2011


Mono/Poly “Manifestations” 4.4.2011


J.Rocc “Some Cold Rock Stuf” 4.5.2011


Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz “Heavy Metal Kings” 4.5.2011


Buctayla “Hellsenda Productions: Realm Organization Vol. One 2000-2006″ 4.5.2011


Low Budget Crew “The Masters” 4.7.2011


Denmark Vessey x Lek Lansky “I’d Rather Be Making Muzik EP” 4.7.2011


M1 Platoon “SXSW Mix” 4.10.2011


Nameless “Dusty Pads EP” 4.11.2011


Cyrus Malachi “Ancient Future” 4.11.2011


School Of Sharks “Blood In The Water Vol. 1″ 4.12.2011


Shade Cobain “Cobainish Theory” 4.12.2011


Mike Gao “Sun Shadows” 4.12.2011


Foreign Legion “Night Moves” 4.12.2011


Atmosphere “The Family Sign” 4.12.2011


Rapohnelizenz “The Beat Tape Vol. 2″ 4.13.2011


SWTBRDS “Drums & Ammo Vol. 1″ 4.14.2011


Twit One “Stepping Stones” 4.15.2011


0hbliv “Monoatomic EP” 4.17.2011


Knxwledge x The Art Of Reuse “KrΔpes” 4.17.2011


Jessica Kaya “Imperfections EP” 4.18.2011


Mark de Clive-Lowe “Leaving This Planet EP” 4.18.2011


Evil Needle “Cirrostratus” 4.18.2011


Illregular Music Collective “Vol. 1″ 4.19.2011


Illmind “Behind The Curtain” 4.19/5.3.2011


DJ Quik “Book Of David” 4.19.2011

Del The Funkee Homosapien “Golden Era” 4.19.2011

Kev Brown “Classic Joints” 4.22.2011


D-Man “D-Man Files” 4.25.2011


Self Scientific “Trials Of The Blackhearted” 4.25.2011


Blue Sky Black Death “Noir” 4.26.2011


Mndsgn “Birches” 4.26.2011


Kaimbr x Kev Brown “Alexander Green” 4.26.2011


Dennis Coffey “Dennis Coffey” 4.26.2011


Jon Phonics “Bruck Out”/”The One” 4.29.2011

For any joints I might have missed here, check out the past month of posts @ Producers I Know.

Party’s over, tell the rest of the crew! © Mobb Deep













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