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by Staff on May 10, 2011

It was about a year ago that our boy from Virginia, ST/MiC (who’s also a world renowned well respected emcee, DJ/remixer/producer/beatmaker/engineer as well) told us to he copped an iPhone app called BeatMaker and a synth app called then proceeded to make an entire project using them. We heard a few of the original rough tracks on our first ever archived edition of the Scrunchface Show and Eric & I both went nuts over them. Whenever that project was done, we were definitely going to feature it on Bloggerhouse.

Several months later, ST/MiC sent me 9 instrumental tracks that were going to serve as the skeleton of “In The Pocket” and asked me what I thought of them. I told him that some tracks he should get his rappity rappin’ ass friends to spit on and others he should allow to just rock on their own. I also suggested what kind of emcees should rock and on what tracks. We had a follow up phone conversation the next day and we agreed. MiC went back and recruited some emcees over his production…done all on an iPod Touch.

In early 2011, ST/MiC sent me an early WAV version of “In The Pocket” without cover art featuring scratches, bars and hooks from Moka Only, Jazz Addixx, Has-Lo, Praverb The Wyse, Primo The Cinematic & Waterloo. MiC decided to include all the instrumentals as well. Good call. A month later, MiC sent me a tagged, mastered mp3 version of “In The Pocket” with some gorgeous cover art. Given the recent success of the Producers I Know sponsored instrumental or producer based releases I knew that I’d be dropping this on both Bloggerhouse and Producers I Know. I can’t wait for you all to hear it as well.

In conclusion, ST/MiC’s “In The Pocket” will drop on both Bloggerhouse x Producers I Know next week on May 17th via ST/MiC’s Bandcamp and downloadable links will be made available in case the free download slots get bypassed on Bandcamp (AKA going Bandcamp Gold. If it happens twice, you’re certified Bandcamp Platinum). Be on the lookout.


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