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*STICKY* Mixtape: Bloggerhouse presents: The Backpack “ESSENTIALS” Pt. I mixed by Eric

by Eric on May 17, 2011

Wooooooo! You guys are in for a treat this week. First and foremost, BIG UPS(!) to Dart and St. Mic for holding down the site for the last few weeks as work and other commitments have gone M.A.D. Secondly, I’ve just completed a “ton” of mixes and just received the mastered finales back from Mic. Be on the lookout, following the “ESSENTIALS” (which is comprised of many selections, 83 to be exact, from our “300 Backpack Bangers” series), SELECTIONS from ’90, ’91 & ’92 will ALL be dropping this week. With that being said, this joint right here? CLASSIC! Hit the skip for linkage and tracklisting and most importantly, ENJOY! Please leave us some feedback on the mixes, as they take quite a bit of time to “touch up” and complete. Again, these are blends, not “pause and go’s”.


1. “Son’s of Sam” – Legion of D.U.M.E. (Darc Mind)
2. “Raise The Levels Of The Boom”-N-Tense
3. “Fluid”-The Beatnuts
4. “What A Niggy Know?”-KMD
5. “Missin’ Linx”-M.I.A.
6. “Warrior’s Drum”-King Just
7. “Mic Check”-Aceyalone
8. “Frontine”-El Da Sensei f. Organized Konfusion, Mike Zoot & Street Smartz
9. “Give Me The Finger” (Remix)-Black Sheep
10. “Nuttin’ But Flavor”-Funkmaster Flex f. Charlie Brown, Biz Markie & O.D.B.
11. “Verbalise” (DJ Spinna Remix)-Big Kwam
12. “Verbal Attack”-Black Attack f. Al Tariq & Problemz
13. “Muthaphuckin’ Man”-Neek The Exotic
14. “My Flow Is Tight”-Lord Digga
15. “Book Of Life”-Hi Tech
16. “Unholy” (Raw Mix)-Dark Skinned Assasin
17. “Do It For The Kids”-MF Grimm
18. “Six Cents”-Channel Live
19. “Against The Grain”-Ill Advised
20. “Writer’s Block”-All Natural
21. “The Beginning Of The End”-The Boogiemonsters
22. “F.A.Y.B.A.N.”-Screwball
23. “New & Improved”-Puppets Of Chaos
24. “Original”-Jigmasters
25. “The Essence”-Kool Kim
26. “Unstoppable”-Mic Geronimo
27. “Universal”-Insight f. Mr. Lif
28. “Fall In Love”(Remix)-Slum Village
29. “Dynomite”-Lone Catalysts f. J-Live
30. “Feel No Guilt”-Demasters f. NINE
31. “How Nice I Am”-World Renown
32. “E-Z On The Motion”-Ghetto Concept
33. “How It Go”-Natural Mystics
34. “Hemlock”-Mr. Voodoo
35. “Blackrain”-Citizen Kane
36. “Problem Child”-Constant Deviants
37. “Raida’s Theme”-X-Ecutioners
38. “Nuttin’ Move But The Money”-Smif N Wessun
39. “S.E.L.F.”-Bedroom Productionz
40. “Cut That Weak Shit”-Lace Da Booms f. Royal Flush
41. “CT To Queens”-Chris Lowe f. Large Pro
42. “Dignified Soldiers”(Remix)-D.I.T.C.
43. “Hot Ya Hot” (M-Boogie Remix)-Akbar
44. “Exotic’s Raw”-Neek The Exotic
45. “Mingling With Mayhem”-Grand Agent
46. “You Never Knew”-Souls Of Mischief
47. “The Way It IZ”-Guru f. Lil’ Dap
48. “Negro League Baseball”-Natural Resource
49. “The Game”-Complete Unit
50. “Lyrical Tactics”-Mr. Voodoo
51. “Ain’t Whatcha’ Do”-Bas Blasta
52. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”-Constant Deviants
53. “Arabian Nights”-Shabaam Sadeeq
54. “Everyday Livin’-Shadez Of Brooklyn
55. “Paula’s Jam”-Paula Perry
56. “Blast Off”(Listen)-Large Pro
57. “Leflah Leflaur Eshkosha”-Fab 5
58. “Only Live Once”-8-Off
59. “Nowhere Near Simple”-Percee P
60. “A Madman’s Dream”-East Flatbush Project”
61. “One By One”-Smut Peddlers
62. “Come Take A Ride”-World Renown
63. “One Life Ta Live”-Ak Skills
64. “Certified Superior”-Rok One
65. “And So Kiddies”-Shawn Eli & DJ Boogs f. Cage
66. “I Be” (Buckwild Remix)-Mystidious Mysfits
67. “Liquid”-L-Fudge
68. “Fast Life” (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)-Nas & Kool G Rap
69. “No Fear”-OGC
70. “2004″-Obscure Disorder f
71. “Haagen Daz”-Boulevard Connection f. The Artifacts
72. “We Shine”-Da Ruckus f. Eminem
73. “Brand Nu Day”-Lord Digga
74. “The Actual”-All City
75. “Purple Rain”-Rubbabandz
76. “Respect”-All Knew Program
77. “The Rules”-Krondon
78. “Raise Hell”-M.O.P.
79. “Hot”(K-Def Remix)-Artifacts
80. “ReDefinition”-Black Star
81. “Krunchtime”-Melquan
82. “Big Up”-Defari
83. “Gunz Iz 4″-EZD



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