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DON’T SLEEP: Danny Brown “Outer Space” (prod. by SKYWLKR) [SINGLE]

by Staff on May 18, 2011

I’ve encountered three different extraordinary talents named Danny in my almost 5 year Hip Hop blogging career. The first was emcee/producer Danny Swain AKA Danny! (whose LP “Where Is Danny?” is dropping soon on Interscope), the second being the Detroit emcee Danny Brown (whose album will be dropping soon on Fool’s Gold) and the third being Danny “D-Man” Goncalves, the young emcee/producer from Brockton, MA who’s also a member of Team PIK (Producers I Know). Danny Brown is a destructive force of nature on the mic. He’s nicer than White Southern belles are to dudes that look like Channing Tatum in the booth. He’s not one to be fucked with lyrically, either.

Danny Brown decided to let his bars speak for him after being accused of throwing a bottle @ Odd Future during their recent “performance” in Detroit. Detroit’s a cooooooold place! Word to Peace Of Mind. Let it be known that Danny Brown is the present AND the future. I present to you all, my boy Danny Brown over a slap produced by SKYWLKR “Outer Space”. Enjoy:

Danny Brown “Outer Space” (prod. by SKYWLKR) [DIVSHARE LINK]


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