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Mixtape: Bloggerhouse presents: 1992 “SELECTIONS” mixed by Eric

by Eric on May 18, 2011

“Here it is..Baaam! And you say…”. Yes ‘sa, I told ya’ll “we don’t stop..ehh, ehh..ehh, ehh”. 1992 is right up there as one of the most profound years in Hip Hop. LA riots, Cross Colours, The Hit Squad? C’mon B, 1994 gets all the props, yet ’92 was that KNOCK! Hit the jump for 102 (!) blends from 1992 and sit back and reminisce!


1. “Poppa Large” (East Coast Remix)-Ultramagnetic MC’s
2. “Pass The Hand Grenade”-Eric B & Rakim
3. “I Check My Bank”-Sir Mix A Lot
4. “Pick It Up”-Home Team
5. “No Bullshit”-DJ Quik
6. “Sneak Tip”-K-Solo
7. “Executive Class”-Double XX Posse
8. “Who You Gonna’ Shoot With That”-Da Lench Mob
9. “Party Groove”(Bass Mix)-Showbiz & AG
10. “Don’t Sweat The Technique”-Eric B & Rakim
11. “Fakin’ The Funk”-Main Source
12. “Toss It Up”-Zhigge
13. “If My Homie Calls”-2Pac
14. “Hickeys On Your Chest”-Little Shawn
15. “I Got A Man”-Positive K
16. “Not Gonna’ Be Able To Do It”-Double XX Posse
17. “Operation CB”-Kool G Rap & Polo
18. “You Can’t See”-Heavy D & The Boyz
19. “Jump Around”(Pete Rock Remix)-House Of Pain
20. “Uptown Anthem”-Naughty By Nature
21. “Scratch Bring It Back”-EPMD
22. “Time 4 Sum Aksion”-Redman
23. “Letterman”-K-Solo
24. “What Goes Around”-Grand Puba
25. “Sally Got A One Track Mind”-Diamond D
26. “T.R.O.Y.”-Pete Rock & CL Smooth
27. “Back To The Grill Again”-MC Serch
28. “Jussumen”-Das Efx
29. “Duck Down”-BDP
30. “One Nite Stand”-Father MC
31. “Redman Meets Reggie Noble”-Redman
32. “They Want Efx”-Das Efx
33. “La Schmoove”-Fu-Schnickens
34. “Funk Radio”-Ultramagnetic MCs
35. “Mad Brothas Know His Name”-Lord Finesse
36. “Tennessee”-Arrested Development
37. “What’s On Your Mind?”-Eric B & Rakim
38. “Buck The Devil”-Da Lench Mob
39. “I Made Love”-Little Shawn
40. “Take It Personal”-GangStarr
41. “Not U Again”-Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket
42. “Straighten It Out”-Pete Rock & CL Smooth
43. “Fat Pockets”-Showbiz & AG
44. “D.I.Y.M”-Red Hot Lover Tone
45. “The Baby Doesn’t Look Like Me”-K-Solo
46. “Dwyck”-GangStarr
47. “Klap Ya Handz”-Das Efx
48. “3 Men At Chung King”-Chubb Rock
49. “Put Your Head Out”-House Of Pain
50. “Can’t Hear Nuthin’ But The Music”-EPMD
51. “Deep Cover”-Dre & Snoop
52. “Livin’ In Da Bottle”-Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket
53. “Best Kept Secret”-Diamond D
54. “When Will They Shoot”-Ice Cube
55. “The Big Man”-Chubb Rock
56. “Headbanger”-EPMD
57. “We In There”-BDP
58. “Blue Funk”-Heavy D
59. “Two For The Time”-Nubian Crackers
60. “You Remind Me”-Mary J. Blige
61. “Roadrunner”-Chi Ali
62. “Straight From Da Sewer” (Remix)-Das Efx
63. “You Know What I’m About”-Lord Finesse
64. “So Survivors, We Can Rhyme”-Rough House Survivors
65. “Brothers From Brentwood, L.I.”-EPMD
66. “It’s Goin’ Down”-EPMD
67. “Nuthin’ But A G Thang”-Dre & Snoop
68. “BYS”-GangStarr
69. “Jus Lyke Compton”-DJ Quik
70. “Charm’s Alarm”-Common Sense
71. “Still Diggin”-Showbiz & AG
72. “One In The Chamba”-Almighty RSO
73. “Yabadabbdoo”-Chubb Rock
74. “Behind The Scenes”-MC Ren
75. “Mic Checka” (Remix)-Das Efx
76. “I’ma Bad”-Redman
77. “Can’t Front On Me”-Pete Rock & CL Smooth
78. “Reminisce”-Mary J Blige
79. “Daze In A Weak”-MC Serch
80. “On The Wall”-Black Sheep
81. “Watch Yo Nuggets”-Redman
82. “Ring The Alarm”-Fu-Schnickens
83. “2 Deep”-GangStarr
84. “Verbal Papp”-X Clan
85. “Check It Out” (SD50′s Remix)-Grand Puba
86. “Age Ain’t Nuthin’..”-Chi Ali
87. “Gotta’ Get Over”-GangStarr
88. “Latee Rocks The Bells”-45 King & Latee
89. “Here Comes The Heavster”-Heavy D
90. “It’s A New Day”-Heavy D
91. “Reel To Reel”-Grand Puba
92. “Headcracker”-Double XX Posse
93. “Day In The Life”-Diamond D
94. “The Doo Bop Song”-Miles Davis & R.I.F.
95. “In The Trunk”-Too Short
96. “Whutchu Want” (Soul Assassins Remix)-Beastie Boys
97. “The Basement”-Pete Rock & CL Smooth
98. “Dollars & Sense”-Bushwick Bill
99. “Who’s Killin’ Who”-K-Solo
100. “Yes Ya’ll”-Heavy D
101. “I Gots Ta Get Over”-CMW
102. “It Was A Good Day”-Ice Cube


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Corsico May 20, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Too awesome for words! I lived this! THANK YOU!

el jefe May 22, 2011 at 2:02 am

And another one!! g/l

Josef Zehetner May 24, 2011 at 2:49 am

Could you please write “sticky” to the post, because it is the top article and i thought there were no new ones for some time (shame on me, like you wouldn’t post in a week).

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