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[PIK] DON’T SLEEP: Idasa Tariq “Live From The Cellar Vol. 1″ [BEAT TAPE]

by Staff on May 20, 2011

I typically spend my time at this hour of the day outside or digging through the internet for some new beat tape or instrumental project dropped somewhere in the world where I don’t even understand the language written on the website or messageboard. By chance, I decided to check my email and this jawn just happened to be in my inbox. Idasa Tariq “Live From The Cellar Vol. 1″. This is ridiculous, B! 14 soulful slaps all crafted by Pittsburgh area (he claims Binghampton) emcee producer Idasa Tariq. This jawn BANGS, too. I’ll buy that for a dollar! © Old comedian dude from Robocop. DO. NOT. SLEEP.


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