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[PIK] DON’T SLEEP: Seize Beats x Mad One “7 Daze A Week” [ALBUM + INSTRUMENTALS]

by Staff on May 20, 2011

German producer Seize Beats (what up, Berlin?) & Texas emcee Mad One (what up, San Antonio?) both used the power of the internet and decided to make a project where every day Seize made or sent a beat to Mad One and he would in turn around and make a song out of it. At the end of a full week (seven days for the extremely slow), they had completed an ill project. Add in the instrumentals and you have “7 Daze A Week”. The final product is 18 total tracks, 10 songs and 8 bangin’ instrumentals. Expect to hear some of these jawns on future broadcasts of the Scrunchface Show. Don’t sleep!


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