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DON’T SLEEP: Castle “Ditch Effort” [FREE ALBUM]

by Staff on May 21, 2011

Castle has hit the wall. After two full decades of pursuing his dreams in the world of music he’s finally reached that breaking point where he’s fed up with the current way things are going. The thing about creative people is their feelings are is usually reflected in their art, “Ditch Effort” is no different. Castle produces and spits over his own slaps so he’s handling both sides of the creative process. You can easily relate to Castle’s narrative as he airs his frustrations of being stuck in the industry as a struggling talent while wack shit pervades the airwaves and lands magazine covers. I’d wanna leave the planet, too.

“Ditch Effort” is dope from the opening jawn to the final fadeout. I’d much rather listen to this then Kanye West “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. And it’s for FREE? If I had a label I’d hit the dude up about giving this a proper release. Real talk. Go listen to “Ditch Effort” (and the rest of Castle’s back catalog) here. Don’t let the wack shit win…


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