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[PIK] DON’T SLEEP: ill.sugi “Ho-Bo Beat Tape” [BEAT TAPE]

by Staff on May 28, 2011

Someone hit me with this via DM on Twitter because I posted the Bugseed x ill.sugi collabo project so early on Producers I Know late last night. I finally saw it & unzipped it about 6 hours ago. Let me just say that in this era of instrumental projects masking themselves as beat tapes, beat tapes being passed off as instrumental projects and dumbasses rapping over instrumental projects thinking they’re beat tapes it’s refreshing to see a damb beat tape get CALLED a damb beat tape. Am I ranting? © Beau Sia. Just download this one, no Bandcamp, just a Mediafire link. Go! GET TO THE CHOPPER! © Insert random Arnold Schwartzeneggar action character name here (i.e. Dutch or John Matrix)

ill.sugi “Ho-Bo Beat Tape” [MEDIAFIRE LINK]


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