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[PIK] DON’T SLEEP: Memorecks “Camcorder” [BEAT TAPE]

by Staff on May 28, 2011

My boy @eyanj was talnbout this beat tape like it cured Cancer on Twitter a while back so I wrote the name “Memorecks” down and forgot about it (receiving a folder full of new exclusive K-Def beats will do that to you). Early this morning (and by “early” I mean dopefiend early…) I went on Tumblr to write a new piece on Bastard Swordsman and while I’m navigating a sea of quotes, ass, titties, animated GIF’s, internet memes & dedications to Gil Scott-Heron I saw a video of a Memorecks beat called “Cartridge” that @eyanj reblogged. After seeing and hearing that I dropped down & got my Google on. I heard the entirety of “Camcorder” and said “Well damb!” to myself. I wish I could give you this feelin’ © Kanye West. Oh wait, I CAN:

Memorecks “Camcorder” [MEDIAFIRE LINK]


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