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*STICKY* Mixtape: Bloggerhouse presents: 1996 SELECTIONS mixed by Eric

by Eric on May 31, 2011

Uh Huh, yet again, here we go with yet another “best of” as Bloggerhouse presents 100 tracks of “goodness” from one of the last “great” years in Hip Hop, 1996.  Big shouts, as always go out to St. Mic for the mastering of the project…I’m tellin’ ya’ blending 100 tracks for each one of these “SELECTIONS” mixtapes is TIME CONSUMING, hope you enjoy the efforts!  Hit the jump for tracklist and linkage!!

PS. Oh, and although the recently released “250″ list compiled XXL is EXTREMELY laughable, the final mix is in the works as we speak. Also keep your ears and eyes peeled for “Bloggerhouse’s ode to Evil Dee’s “One” mixtape, which is receiving the finishing touches as we speak! Enjoy!!


1. “Politics As Usual”-Jay-Z
2. “Doin’ It” (Remix)-LL Cool J
3. “Building A Stem..”-DJ Shadow
4. “Actual Facts”-Lord Finesse
5. “Jack Mode”-Young Zee
6. “It’s The Ones”-PMD
7. “Broken Language”-Smoothe Da Hustler
8. “Worldwide”-Royal Flush
9. “Elevators”-Outkast
10. “Queen Bitch”-Lil’ Kim
11. “Real Live Shit”-Real Live
12. “Open Bar”-Sadat X
13. “Who Dat”-All City
14. “D’Evils”-Jay-Z
15. “Growing Old”-Outkast
16. “I Gave You Power”-Nas
17. “Perfect Match”-Cella Dwellas
18. “Firewater”-Fat Joe
19. “Me Or The Papes”-Jeru The Damaja
20. “5 O’Clock”-Nonchalant
21. “Drugs”-Lil’ Kim
22. “Shine”-Natural Elements
23. “Brainstorm”-Lord Finesse
24. “Da Bump”-Redman
25. “Coolie High”-Camp Lo
26. “Been There, Done That”-Dr. Dre
27. “One Day”-Jeru The Damaja
28. “Affirmative Action”-Nas
29. “Touch Me, Tease Me”-Case f. Foxy Brown
30. “Extortion” (Break)-Mobb Deep
31. “Iz He For Real”-Redman
32. “Friend Or Foe”-Jay Z
33. “Murdafest”-Smoothe Da Hustler
34. “Bloodsport”-Mobb Deep
35. “Crush On You”-Lil’ Kim
36. “My Kinda’ Nigga”-Heather B f. MOP
37. “Bitch In Yoo”-Common Sense
38. “Lubrication”-Kwest The Mad Ladd
39. “Riiot”-Chino XL f. Ras Kass
40. “The Hustle”-De La Soul
41. “Lex Coupes, Beemers…”-Lost Boyz
42. “Gameplan”-Lord Finesse
43. “The Interview”-Sadat X
44. “Throw Your Hands..” (Remix)-Cypress Hill
45. “Danger, Pt. 2″-Blahzay Blahzay
46. “Danger”-Blahzay Blahzay
47. “Ready Or Not”-Fugees
48. “The Rap World”-Large Pro & Pete Rock
49. “What A Feelin”-Keith Murray
50. “The Message”-Nas
51. “My Brother, My Ace”-Smoothe The Hustler
52. “Da Storm”-OGC
53. “One For The Money”-Horace Brown
54. “Sendin’ Dem Back”-Blahzay Blahzay
55. “Call My Name”-Keith Murray
56. “Fugee-La”-Fugees
57. “Rollin”-Redman
58. “The Frustrated Nigga”-Jeru The Damaja
59. “The Vapors”-Snoop
60. “The Ultimate” (Remix)-The Artifacts
61. “It Just Don’t Stop”-The Roots
62. “Find That”-The Beatnuts
63. “Problems”-Young Zee
64. “Case Closed”-Redman
65. “Back At You”-Mobb Deep
66. “Clones”-Roots
67. “Check Da Style”-L Swift
68. “Stick To Ya’ Gunz”-MOP f. Kool G Rap
69. “The Gimmicks”-Real Live
70. “All Glocks Down”-Heather B
71. “The Rhyme”-Keith Murray
72. “Ya’ Playin’ Ya Self”-Jeru The Damaja
73. “Good Dwellas”-Cella Dwellas
74. “Stakes Is High”-De La Soul
75. “Jazzy Belle”-Outkast
76. “Rock Da Spot”-Redman
77. “No”-Chuck D
78. “The Yearn”-Lost Boyz
79. “Doe Or Die Remix”-AZ
80. “Tres Delinquents”
81. “Total Wreck”-Bahamadia
82. “Lump Lump”-Sadat X
83. “Make Or Take”-Nine f. Smoothe Da Hustler
84. “Lyin’ King”-Nine
85. “Pain I Feel”-Blahzay Blahzay
86. “Get Me Home”-Foxy Brown
87. “The Setup”-Nas
88. “Get A Hold”-ATCQ
89. “Phony Rappers”-ATCQ
90. “Jam”-ATCQ
91. “3 The Hard Way”-Bahamadia
92. “My Crew Can’t Go For That”-Trigger Tha Gambler
93. “Ready Or Not” (Salaam Remi-x)-Fugees
94. “Big Momma Thing”-Lil Kim
95. “Music Makes Me High”-Lost Boyz
96. “Still Shining”-Mobb Deep
97. “2Dopeboyz”-Outkast
98. “What They Do”-The Roots
99. “What’s The Reaction”-Kwest The Mad Ladd
100. “The Hop”-ATCQ



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Tracy May 31, 2011 at 1:18 pm

This is an awesome mixtape. Thanks for the hookup, Eric!

1 May 31, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Yo wheres the new scrunch face show at?

spice June 1, 2011 at 11:49 pm

lol @ 96 being one of the last great years in hip hop. maybe in the mainstream, but the underground has been poppin’ the last few years

n-m-e June 2, 2011 at 11:25 am

@spice yeah, that might be true about the underground. But to say that in between 90-06, even mainstream was poppin’ that says something about the hip hop that was put on in that era. Underground is always raw, that’s why it’s underground, but much props to the cats from the 90′s, the ones that even when mainstream still rocked it hard!

Dart June 2, 2011 at 12:33 pm

@Spice: 1996 WAS one of the last GREAT years in Hip Hop because after the Telecom Act was signed things slowly went to shit quality wise in the mainstream & the underground & mainstream became two separate entities altogether. You were either on that jiggy shit or rockin’ a Rawkus T shirt between ’97-’02…

@1: We didn’t HAVE a Scrunchface Show last Friday. Bost ST/MiC & I had shit to do. This week’s show will happen as planned…

A to the L June 3, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Eric… I’m still alive! LOL

I just replied to your comment on Altrap – shoot me an email man…

1 June 5, 2011 at 6:34 pm

….still no scrunchface show?

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